Places to Write in Montreal

Say you’re in Montreal for the weekend, and you want to get a substantial amount of writing done. Sure, you can hole up in your hotel room all day long, but eventually you should get out and see the town, no? Oui!

This is what Mira and I did. We were determined to write in as many different locations as we could, all to help you. Here’s where we went. Learn from our excellent choices, as well as our sad mistakes.




Set of movie being filmed outside municipal building.

Pro: You can pretend you’re in a gritty NYC cop drama, set in the…1970s? Probably the ’70s.
Con: Hard to write when everyone’s yelling at you.
Conclusion: Assistant directors are alarmingly cranky.

Princess carriage at some princess-wannabe’s wedding

You’re a princess! You’re a pretty princess who’s writing and no one minds!
This illusion won’t last for long. (Just like it won’t last for this bride, IF YOU ASK ME.) People yell at you even more when you’re disrupting a wedding, it turns out. Besides, who wants to be a princess? You’re going to be an astronaut, damn it.

Scenic park

Feeling cooped up? Head outside! Wait: is it winter? If it’s winter, you’ll have to stay in, I’m sorry; we can’t have you freezing to death. If it’s not winter, the park is a great spot for writing. And occasionally gawking at cute bicyclists. (What? I can LOOK.)

Be warned, however: there are drum circles, and sometimes clowns. Sometimes an alarming combination of both. Montreal, she can be goofy sometimes.


A retail clothing establishment

Are you Inspired by Fashion? Tant pis–you are, how do you say, out of luck. They had a comfy armchair in this store, but then it turns out salespeople quickly usher you out when you ask where the outlet is. NEXT.

Boris Bistro garden during thunderstorm

(You can’t really see what’s going on in this picture, but take my word for it–it’s a garden, it’s pretty, and there’s lightning that’s trying to kill us.) This location will never do. You should be drinking cocktails, not writing. Plus soon you’ll need to gather your meal and drinks and hurry into the part of the restaurant where you won’t be hit by lightning. Quickly, close that laptop!


The obvious, boring choice, but a clear winner. Here’s Mira at our favorite establishment during our trip, Au Festin De Babette. We loved this place, both for its fine hot chocolate and mysteriously good iced lattes as well as the friendliness and un-shrill music. Also, the fact that they didn’t seem to mind that we parked ourselves there for the afternoon. Merci!

In conclusion: visit places that won’t mind you taking up space for a while, and also where you won’t die. You’re welcome.

Many thanks to Westin Hotels & Resorts for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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