Wall Street Journal Has No Idea Who Mom Bloggers Really Are or What We Do

The Wall Street Journal doesn't get mom bloggersAh, my internet world of fellow mom bloggers went absolutely loco this morning with reactions over the horribly misguided article the Wall Street Journal published this week: “The Mommy Business Trip,” in reference to the blogging conferences we are so fond of. The outrage exploded because they featured one of our very own — the fierce Katherine Stone — with quotes placed to make it seem like she enjoyed traveling and attending conferences for the mere reason of avoiding her family and getting time to herself that doesn’t involve housewife duties.

Katherine already apologized for something she didn’t even need apologize for, but the fact remains that the WSJ managed to insult a full community in one hit-publish moment.

I’m actually late to the reaction because I’ve been traveling so much that I had to focus all my attention on the Fortune 500 clients this “mommy blogger” and her team of mom bloggers create social media campaigns for. After I finished a day of client calls, brainstorm meetings, back and forths with my agent and hosting a Twitter party for a staple food product — yes a professional “mommy blogger’s” day kinda looks like this! — I rushed home to put my daughter to bed and relieve my oh-so-helpful husband out of the obligation. Once we read flashcards, books, and went through her nighttime routine, I was ready to spend some alone time with my husband going over all the interesting details of our busy and fulfilling days. Almost close to midnight, I got back on my laptop to catch up on my day’s reading and writing and finally dared read the WSJ article and Katherine’s response to it.

I decided to read the WSJ first because the cynic in me figured we might all be overreacting about being called a “mommy” or something like that, and I didn’t want to be biased by Katherine’s reaction.

My blood boiled after the first sentence of the WSJ article…and then it sank for Katherine.

Katherine Stone, a 43-year-old mother and wife from Atlanta, wants to leave her husband and children.

How distasteful. What an arrogant assumption to make. What an irresponsible thing to say, no matter how you follow it up.

All in all, the writer kept quoting women and imagining scenarios where we were all traveling to these conferences and events in the sheer joy of the parties and good times ahead of us because we can’t stand our lives as mothers. Yes, yes…I love going to conferences like Mom2.0 that I’ll be attending in Laguna Niguel next week and, yes, I love the parties and meeting with friends. But that’s not why I’m there. That’s not why I’m traveling every single week this month and next. Not for the parties, not to avoid my family life. It’s because I’m a self-made business woman and these trips and conferences are how I advance, network and grow my two very successful blogging enterprises.

These conferences are exactly the reason why I am now able to have my own business that gives paid and even life-changing opportunities to hundreds of other bloggers. These trips not only fill my brain and my business account, but also my soul. But not because I can’t stand to be a mom, but because I am a woman who is motivated by being exposed to opportunities of growth, no matter where they may be.

I do take offense to being reduced to a mere caricature by a media publication that obviously doesn’t care to get what we do and how we have been an integral part of the change of the new media landscape. But then I turn that feeling of being offended to a cynical smile because the reality is that the less “they” get us, the more opportunities we — the professional mom blogging tribe — have to continue making our mark, our way and no holds barred.


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