Why the Mayans Are Right and We Are Wrong

Let me say this from the start just to be 100% clear: the Mayans have never said December 21st, 2012 is the end of the world. Never. We, as in the so-called “civilized” world — have made that interpretation based on our limited perceptions and our fear-based models.

For years I’ve been hearing and reading about December 21st — the date of the Winter Solstice — being the end of the world, or the Armageddon, “according to the Mayans.” Tired of the words “doomsday” or “apocalypse” associated to this date. I’m tired of reading it because it just isn’t true. And now that we’re only days away from the feared date, #EndOfTheWorld is even the #1 trending topic on Google+!

Since I don’t like to live my life based on fear and I always err on the side of optimisim and, well, even facts, then let me explain to you why we are wrong and the Mayans are right.

The Maya Long Count calendar, one of the most sophisticated and evolved, does indeed come to an end on December 21st, 2012. This long count calendar lasts 5,125 years and is just one of the many cycles or calendars that the Mayans use as part of their system to track time based on the rotations of Venus, the moon and the sun. This 5,125 year cycle is equal to the following Mayan units of time: 13 Baktuns, or 260 Katuns, or 5200 Tuns, or 1,872,000 Kin (days).

Now, saying that the Mayan long count calendar comes to an “end” does not mean the world comes to an end as well; that’s a simplistic way of viewing a very complex and elegant view of time. For the Mayans, this end just means that there will be a new beginning. One calendar ends, but the very next day another one begins and ends 5,125 years from now. In fact, for them this is the fourth long count calendar (which actually ended in 1987 and had a 25-year “gestation” period) that comes to an end and heralds the arrival of the Fifth Sun.

For the Mayan people the Fifth Sun is a period of new beginnings and opportunities that will bring about a transformation and rebirth at our core if we are awake enough to receive it. It’s the end of old values and systems and the beginning of a new consciousness and life based in harmony with nature, ourselves and others.

We can’t deny that for many these last years have brought destruction and “death” at so many levels. It is true that the darkest hour of the day is right before sunrise. For the Mayans, the era beginning on Dec. 22nd, 2012 is the beginning of our sunrise which will have a newfound balance between male and female energies. Can you feel it already?

Really, it’s up to us to decide if we want to fall prey to the fear-based propaganda claiming the mythical Mayans have predicted a doomsday upon us. We create our own life every single day based on every single decision we make, and it all starts with the thoughts we decide to cling on to and materialize into actions.

Ignore the trending topics. Ignore the apocalyptic headlines. Embrace this as a new beginning in you and, thus, in all.

In Lak’ech – “I am another yourself”

My daughter in Xcaret (Riviera Maya, México) last week during a traditional Mayan ceremony. She won’t be hearing the phrase “end of the world” from us, and I hope most children won’t either. Let’s teach them the beauty and magic of this ancient civilization.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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