Yes Virginia, Food Does Grow In The Ground

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It’s funny. Some kids these days think that food comes from the grocery store.  Yes, it does, but, it has a life before that. It’s not made there. Tell that to a child and you may get a look of confusion. We are very blessed to live out in the country and have the land and time to have a garden.  It serves a lot of purpose.

My husband has taken our 4 year old out to the garden since he was 2 years old.  He takes our 1 year old out there, but, he mainly plays in a bucket of water.  Our four year old has actually seen a couple of seasons of planting, watering, weeding and growing.  He loves it. He actually drew out his own garden plot on a piece of construction paper.  The garden blesses us with quality time together.  We all go out and take care of the rows and water.  It’s good clean fun that keeps the kids away from the TV and spending time with us.  Every once in a we wonder off from the garden and go exploring. But, mostly, when we go out to work on the garden, we stay in it until the task is complete. Another good lesson for the kids.

noah eating carrot

One of the major pluses of the garden is the excitement our son has when things grow.  Green beans, carrots, beets. He’s so excited to try the vegetables when they are ready to be picked.  I think thats a blessing as opposed to the first time he sees a vegetable it looks like a scary squashy thing on his dinner plate that we have to convince him to try.  He really enjoys it.

This year we have a spring, summer and fall crop planned.  For the first time we’ve planted berry patches too.  For our sons, both of them, our four year old as well as our 1 year old, they absolutely LOVE it.  The strawberries are already in season. Its so exciting for them to go scurrying through the bushes to find the bright red ones.




So, food has a whole other life before it even makes it to the grocery store.  We love everything our garden grows. Most of all the love and memories we share as a family



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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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