You Don’t Say: Emergency Prep and Toilet Seats

Last week when I made this video I was a little embarrassed to show this side of my life to the world, I mean, who get’s excited about toilet seats and 3,000 calorie emergency bars? (Answer: Me. That’s who.)

But oh man, YOU GUYS. The timing on the debut of my Babble video series is both perfect and horrifying. You see, I like to freak my friends out with my emergency preparedness. I mean, it was never my intention to freak them out, but once they realized the lengths to which I believe in preparation and self reliance the humor they find in my stockpiling tendencies has become a bit of a joke. I mean, it’s a joke to them but to me it’s very, very serious. Thankfully I can find the humor in all of it, especially since I would have made fun of myself ten years ago. (The Daisy refers to can be found here.)

Proof I made the video before Sandy started to mess.

You see, emergency preparedness isn’t just about the apocalypse or rapture, it’s about being prepared BEFORE bad things happen. I have friends who are being evacuated from their homes right now. I’ve seen tweets and photos of the lines at gas stations and grocery stores. You see, if Sandy were coming to Indianapolis? We would be more or less okay. If we weren’t evacuated, we have enough food and water for at least a month. If we were asked to evacuate? I always keep a near full tank of gas and emergency tubs packed in my garage with clothes,food, diapers, and basic needs, you know, just in case. If a tornado came through and tore down my house? I wouldn’t love it, but I would have a warm, dry place for us to sleep, light, food, water and all the things needed to care for my family without plumbing or electricity for at least a week…including a toilet seat, two of them actually.

I truly hope and pray that all this storm hype is just that, over dramatized hype. Storms are scary, and the few times we’ve had tornado warnings here I have to hide a lot of my fear from my kids. If you feel the same fear when you hear news of storms, natural disasters or the possibility of either in your area, I can tell you that having an emergency plan in place will bring you so much peace. Knowing you will be able to provide for your family when things go wrong is an empowering feeling. While I may not have control over the weather, I do have control over what I can control – the ability to take care of myself and my family.

If you’re interested in starting your own emergency preparedness kit, you can find a pretty comprehensive checklist of items to start with here.

If you really want to freak yourself out you can look at this list here.

In case you didn’t watch the video and are thinking “Is she one of those stockpiling Mormons?” Yes. Yes I am.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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