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Have you ever seen those lists with the title, “You Know You Were Born In The [insert your decade] If…” that seem to come out every fall? They have items like, “You know you were born in the 70s if you…had a swatch phone!” or “You were born in the 70s if you thought Atari was state-of-the-art!” Stuff that future generations can’t relate to. Well, someday, my daughter will read a list for her decade and one of the items will be, “You know you were born in the 2010s if you…have always been able to instantly see photos and videos!”

At the age of eight months, my daughter started grabbing for my camera or iPhone after I took a picture. I quickly realized it was because she saw me looking at the photo on the screen, and she wanted to see it too. Now, whenever I take a picture or video Annie immediate says, “Mama, I wanna see dat diddeo.” When I was a kid, watching a home video required unplugging the cable box and plugging in the special video playback machine. The wires were always a tangled mess, and it took thirty minutes at minimum. It made watching home movies an event. Now, my kid can just grab my iPhone, touch the screen, and off she goes.

On the one hand, that’s awesome. I love that technology is moving in leaps and bounds, because frankly? Setting up that video playback machine was a pain, and my dad was always fuming at the end. But on the other hand, the specialness of it is gone. There’s nothing particularly exciting about sitting on the couch, watching a video of yourself on your mom’s phone. And, if I had a third hand I’d say I’m not particularly fond of letting my two-year-old play with my phone. It’s an expensive adults-only toy and she always finds a way to rearrange my apps and change my phone ringer.

But I digress. I head that the Sony Handycam had a built-in projector on the camera, and while I was curious, I was also a bit skeptical. It sounded cool, but I was pretty sure Annie wouldn’t be impressed. Luckily, I was wrong. She thought the projector was amazing. I set up the camera and Annie’s favorite chair, and when I pressed play on the camera, she went nuts.

annie watching annie

She wanted to watch videos over and over, and shrieked with glee whenever I turned the projector on. She kept jumping to her feet to touch the projected images.

dat's me on da wall!

This is the experience I wanted her to have with home movies. And, this is the experience *I* wanted to have watching her watch home movies. The best part about the projector? She doesn’t ever have to touch it, so I don’t have to worry about anything getting rearranged or deleted!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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