Your Complete Guide to Planning and Organizing in 2014

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If you are anything like me, you’ve put off so many everyday important things while getting ready for Christmas and the holidays. Come January, it’s hard to stay motivated to catch up to real life! I like to do things in baby steps and that requires getting organized using tools such as apps, lists, etc.

Looking for a place to start? Before putting away your Christmas decor how about finding a method to keep it organized? When you pull it out next year you’ll think you gave yourself an early Christmas present.

Want to really get organized the whole year round? Start compiling lists of things you want to accomplish in the next year and come up with ways to keep on track. Maybe you are behind on printing digital photos or maybe your new years resolution is to cook healthier meals.

I have a huge list of apps and tutorials and downloads to help with almost everything this year. Click though to find an app for every one of your organizational needs:

  • Household Chores 1 of 11

    No more sticker charts, it's time to go digital with the chore chart for 2014! Download the Do It app — it's free! Get your kids excited about doing household chores. The Do It app lets you assign tasks and includes a reward system for positive reinforcement. Assign a task, give it a due date and a point value. Points can then be turned into rewards.

  • Meal Planning 2 of 11

    Do you ever come back from the grocery store and say "I have nothing to cook!?" That's probably because you didn't come up with a meal plan beforehand. In 2014 I want to be more organized when it comes to meal prep. Pepperplate is a great app that allows you to plan your meals, manage recipes, and create a shopping list. While you are shopping you can simply check off the items on your smart phone or Surface tablet as you go! No more paper lists or searching for a pen to cross off items from your list.

  • Photo Editing 3 of 11

    What I would love to have more of in 2014 is time! One way I can do that is by eliminating some of the steps I take when it comes to photos and videos I take for my business. Instead of taking the photo and exporting it into a separate photo editing device, I can now do it all from one device. With the Camera app I can take photos and videos, edit them, and share them all without leaving my tablet. 

  • Family Calendar 4 of 11

    With so many events, activities and meetings a family calendar is a must! One that we can all access from anywhere that automatically syncs across all devices. With the built-in Calendar app that comes pre-loaded with Windows 8 on my Surface tablet, my husband and I can add events to the shared calendar and we are always in the know.

  • Notes 5 of 11

    I find myself constantly taking notes, writing down new ideas or things to add to my ever growing to do list. I also like to note special things my daughter says or events that take place that I want to always remember. These notes usually find their way on to scraps of paper, a notebook, or in an email I send to myself.

    By using the OneNote app on my Surface tablet, I can save notes in the cloud. So, if I create a note on my tablet then it will automatically show up on my phone or other devices with Windows 8.1. I can keep inspiration ideas, notes, reminders, and more all in one place and access it from all of my devices.

  • Birthday Reminders 6 of 11

    Remembering birthdays can be tough for me. Facebook does help with reminders, but what about those people that aren't on Facebook? The Birthday Reminder Pro is a great free app that lets you import birthdays from Facebook and also add in birthdays individually. Never forget a birthday again! You can view a list of upcoming birthdays from your tablet and also receive notifications. 


  • Organizing Photos 7 of 11

    Overwhelmed by all those photos you have on your computer? This year lets get them organized! I show you how I organize and print years worth of photos one step at a time on Lil Blue Boo.


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  • Organizing for Almost Anything 8 of 11

    In 2014 you should work towards being organized and prepared for almost anything! Check out how I prepare for for almost anything (fire, flood, evacuation, etc) and get the free downloads at Lil Blue Boo


  • Spring Cleaning 9 of 11

    In 2014 get a head start on your Spring Cleaning! I have made it really easy for you with the free printable checklist. Download it here.


  • Garage Sale Tips 10 of 11

    A clutter free house is a happy house! The new year is a great time to start fresh and unload some of those items you have been holding on to forever. Here are some great tips for having a successful garage sale at I Heart Organizing.



  • Putting Away Holiday Decor 11 of 11

    Organizing Christmas decor this year can spare you a lot of stress come next year! Check out these great tips for putting away Christmas Decor at Like a Saturday.



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