Your Muppet Double Might Surprise You!

Muppet_Certificate_KermitI’ve been a fan of the muppets since I was a wee little tadpole myself. I say tadpole, with certainty, as I have just determined that I am, in fact, Kermit the frog. I figured this out by taking the Muppets Most Wanted Lookalike Quiz I was a little surprised that I got Kermit as my muppet double. I mean, I do still know all the words to “It’s Not Easy Being Green”  and I was hoping… but not expecting. All of my friends have been taking this quiz and can’t believe the results they have gotten. Seriously, I’m Kermie! I took a photo of myself to confirm the resemblance. Click through the slide show to see me. Shocking, don’t you think? We’re all excited to see Muppets Most Wanted, which is now in theaters! The previews have been hilarious. Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais and me/Kermie!  Also, you, of course. Take this fun quiz and find out which character you’ll be playing in the movie, before it hits a theater near you. We thought it would be fun to share some of the other Babble writer’s Muppet dopplegangers as well, just so you know whose posts you’re really reading. Click through the slide show to see my lookalike pic & some of the familiar faces behind the scenes here at Babble.  

  • Meet Your Muppet Double! 1 of 8

    Ready to meet your muppet double? Scroll through ours and then take the online quiz to find our yours!

  • Ciaran “Kermie” Blumenfeld 2 of 8
  • John “Fozzie” Flynn 3 of 8

    Read more from John on Babble.

  • Jessica “Animal” New Fuselier 4 of 8

    Check out Jessica and her sisters on their Disney Sisters Babble Blog

  • Dave “Miss Piggy” Edwards 5 of 8

    See more from David Noel Edwards on Babble

  • Juliane “Miss Piggy” Hiam 6 of 8

    Juliane is a Babble contributor and our Senior Editor here on Disney Voices and Disney Dads. (She's not actually 6 years old anymore!)

  • Pilar “Kermit” Clark 7 of 8

    Read more from Pilar Clark on Babble -- and find out how to make a quickie Kermit costume like hers here.

  • Frank "Kermit" Matijevich 8 of 8
    Green FM

    Read more from Frank on Babble.

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