Your Photos Don’t Have to be Perfect. Just Make Them Wonderful.

When I fell in love with photography (on my iPhone & with my DSLR) I never imagined the amount of stress I would put on myself to make all my pictures perfect. It seems that with me, just a little knowledge about composition and lighting was enough to take all the joy out of my new hobby.

When I wrote the iPhone Photography Guide, I was surprised by all the email I received that said the exact same thing I was feeling. In a nutshell it is this, “I don’t think my pictures are good enough.” That feeling destroys all the fun we can have with our hobbies.

Today I want to officially announce that no one expects you to be Ansel Adams. Take a deep breath and start resisting the siren call of perfectionism. We all have had people tell us that we aren’t good enough, our work is not up to par, or have hurt us with their criticisms. It takes practice to stop letting past messages haunt us, but those memories do lose their power when we ignore them for long enough.

I hereby give you permission to take take as many pictures as you like, enjoy them and learn to celebrate the little moments in life. Ignore the thoughts that your pictures aren’t technically perfect and have some fun.

Here is one of my favorite sets. All the pictures are of my 5 year old goofing off. These are not edited, some are blurry, but all of them are perfect to me.

Here’s to being perfectly imperfect!

  • Get close! 1 of 7
    Get close!
    I love the close up shots of little faces. You know what would have ruined this picture? Flash. Never, never, never flash. Tell your Mother-in-law to put that point and shoot with the bright flash back in her purse. Blame me. 🙂
  • “Who me? YOu want to take a picture of me?” 2 of 7
    "Who me? YOu want to take a picture of me?"
    You will notice this shot is not technically fab. I couldn't care less. It is the moment in time that I want to catch. Don't let the details ruin a fun shot.
  • “What? You are taking my picture again?” 3 of 7
    "What? You are taking my picture again?"
    Yes, kids do get tired of always having a camera in their faces, but that's fine. When I turn the camera around and show them the fun images that I capture, they always love it!
  • I don’t want to forget how wonderful he is at this perfect age of 5. 4 of 7
    I don't want to forget how wonderful he is at this perfect age of 5.
    Capture what you love all the time. Revel in the little things that make you happy!
  • The secret to enjoying your pictures is just to enjoy them. Period! 5 of 7
    The secret to enjoying your pictures is just to enjoy them. Period!
    Blurry, silly, half a face showing... don't fight it. Capture what you can and enjoy all the personality that shows!
  • Let personalities show. 6 of 7
    Let personalities show.
    You will love looking at pictures full of personality one day!
  • “Aw, Shucks, Mom.” 7 of 7
    "Aw, Shucks, Mom."
    Enjoy every moment!


What about you? Have you ever felt that self-criticism kept you from enjoying an experience or a hobby? How do you cope? What do you do that is perfectly imperfect?




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