20 Fandom Inspired Baby Girl Names

There’s no question that celebrities influence baby name trends. But what about naming your child based on a favorite television show¬†character? Click through for these 20 girl names inspired by Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Firefly.

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There are some shows so character driven that it is no wonder we want to name our babies after them. Plus looking within our favorite worlds are plenty of unique and unusual names. Or they may breathe new life into previously popular names. Here I've gathered 20 names from Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and Firefly that I would consider naming my own baby girl.
Arya 2 of 21
This name is pretty, strong and means noble. Arya is a Game of Thrones fan favorite so it's no surprise that it is the fastest growing girl name in the US according to Nameberry. It's in the top 500 names of 2012 and I suspect even more little Aryas to come in 2013.
Amelia 3 of 21
Amelia (or Amy) is my favorite Doctor Who companion. It's a beautiful name that has been around for a long time but it's rising in popularity again. It was #23 in 2012!
Brienne 4 of 21
Although Brienne's character in Game of Thrones is a tough female knight who isn't known for her beauty, the name itself is very pretty. A nice variation of Brianne and Brianna without being too unusual. Brie is a suitable nickname. Maybe Brinn would work too.
Cersei 5 of 21
One of my favorite Game of Thrones characters to hate yet admire is Cersei. She's strong and smart even if she's conniving. A lot of people may write off her name since her character isn't the nicest. I think it is a nice letter C option that is unusual but not too crazy.
Daenerys 6 of 21
Daenerys might be tricky to spell but it is fitting for strong-willed, independent, nurturing girls. This name belongs to the one and only Mother of Dragons in the Game of Thrones series and brings with it the cute nickname of Dany. If you thought no one would actually choose this one, think again! According to Nameberry there were at least 21 little girls born with this name in 2012.
Inara 7 of 21
The only place I've ever heard or seen the name Inara is in the series Firefly. Beauty and grace come to mind.
Khaleesi 8 of 21
I'm going to be honest--I love this for a name and was considering it if we have another girl. (Khaleesi Rose or Khaleesi Ann, in case you were looking for middle name pairing suggestions!) However, there are a lot of people who disapprove of this name since it is a made up word in a made up language in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire series. Khaleesi means "queen" in Dothraki (the made up language) but I think it sounds beautiful. It wouldn't bother me to use a name like this, after all my daughter's name was inspired by a popular video game. It's been used more than Daenerys (who is a Khaleesi). There are at least 146 girls born in 2012 named Khaleesi compared to 21 Danys!
Margaery 9 of 21
I'm not always a fan of alternate spellings for the sake of looking different, but I'm digging Margaery. Then again I'm a fan of the "ae" combination in girls names. In Game of Thrones she is smart, gorgeous and a philanthropist.
Meera 10 of 21
Meera is a Sanskrit name that means prosperous. In Game of Thrones Meera Reed is a tough young lady who knows her way around the woods and is proficient at hunting. If I was lost in the woods I'd want to be on her good side. Meera's popularity is on the rise this year, probably due to her only being in five episodes of the Game of Thrones television series so far in 2013.
Melisandre 11 of 21
If you take a couple common names like Melissa and Andrea you can combine them to create a new lovely sounding name like Melisandre. I'm not sure if that's how the name came about, but that is what I thought of the first time I saw it in print. It rolls off the tongue easily but try not to think about her fanaticism with the Lord of Light or birthing shadow people like in Game of Thrones.
Melody 12 of 21
Melody is a beautiful musical names. It's not used often in Doctor Who but it holds great significance. I won't say for who because--SPOILERS! Interesting note: it jumped up 28 places in 2012 and is now ranked #174.
Myrcella 13 of 21
Myrcella is Cersei's daughter in Game of Thrones. It's a pleasant twist on Marcella. Again it's a name that is different without being too out there.
Nyssa 14 of 21
I found a lot of great name choices when I went digging into the list of companions from classic Doctor Who. Nyssa was an intelligent woman who used her own misfortune's to work towards better futures for all.
River 15 of 21
Previously used as a boy's name, River has been used for women on two different fan favorite shows: Doctor Who and Firefly. Both women are incredibly smart, determined and a bit dangerous. The comparison of the two characters is fascinating to me such as both have undergone secret training and brainwashing growing up. Besides all that I think it is a lovely nature name for a girl.
Saffron 16 of 21
Saffron is a named inspired by a flower and a spice as well as the show Firefly. I think it carries a certain amount of attitude and sass, don't you?
Sansa 17 of 21
Looking for an S name but want to avoid something common like Sara? How about Sansa? On Game of Thrones she is the picture of lady-like elegance and grace even when administered the most humiliating and horrific treatment by her king.
Talisa 18 of 21
Talisa wasn't in the original book series but was added into HBO's Game of Thrones series as Robb Stark's wife. It's another unique yet not too unusual type of name. Nicknames could be Tali, Tay or even Lisa.
Tallulah 19 of 21
Isn't Tallulah a fun Irish name to say? I like the sound of it which is why I remembered it after watching the Doctor Who episodes Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks. Most of my name inspiration naturally came from major characters but minor characters have great names too making them hidden fandom gems. I also like the name Twylah, which has a similar sound.
Tegan 20 of 21
This is one of my favorite unique girl's names right now. Tegan was a classic Doctor who companion, though I fell in love with the other spelling, Teagan, before realizing it was a name in the Whoniverse! It's trendy, Irish and ranking at #258 in 2012.
Zoe 21 of 21
Zoe is an extremely popular name but I still like it. Plus, Firefly and Serenity fans know Zoe is a woman to be loved, feared and respected throughout the 'Verse. The woman is gorgeous and tough. And while it didn't officially make my list today, I like Serenity as a name contender too.
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