25 Fandom-Inspired Baby Boy Names

Looking for a unique baby boy name inspired by one of your favorite fandoms? Check out this list inspired by Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Firefly.

25 Fandom Inspired Names for Boys 1 of 26
If you haven't guessed that I'm a fan of Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Firefly by now, this list of boy names should make it obvious. I know not everyone wants to name their children after television shows, books and celebrities. However, there are very passionate people among the millions of viewers that have begun adding characters to their baby name list. I know, I'm one of them! This list contains lots of unique names and new spins on classics.
Benjen 2 of 26
Game of Thrones fans know Benjen as Jon Snow's uncle, a brother of The Night's Watch. It's a solid option for a name starting with the letter B and an alternative to Benjamin.
Bran 3 of 26
Brandon Stark from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire is better known as Bran. It works well as a short, stand alone name or as a nickname. It means "broom-covered hill," but Bran is also a deity in Irish mythology that is represented by a raven. Yes, the Stark boy was aptly named, wasn't he?
Davos or Davros 4 of 26
Davos is a cunning man who advises Stannis with logic and reasoning in Game of Thrones. Davos is also a municipality in Switzerland and a Marvel Comics supervillian. For Doctor Who fans, you may consider Davros, a name inspired by the Daleks. A possible alternative to the name Davis.
Eddison 5 of 26
A lesser known brother of the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones, Eddison is a smart option for little boys. It's an alternate spelling for Edison, which has been growing in popularity.
Gendry 6 of 26
Gendry is a tall, strong boy who has become a skilled blacksmith in the world of Game of Thrones. It's possible his name evolved from Gentry, an English surname that means well-born/noble. Gentry has been gaining some popularity as a girl's name.
Ianto 7 of 26
Ianto is a Welsh name that is gaining popularity and known to Doctor Who and Torchwood fans via the character Ianto Jones. There is also a Welsh rugby player named Ianto Davies. I like the way it sounds-very fun to say, isn't it? It actually comes from the name Ifan, which is a Welsh form of John and means "God is gracious."
Jorah 8 of 26
The exiled knight protecting Daenerys Targaryen goes by the name Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. Jorah is a Biblical name that means "early rain." A refreshing alternative to Jordan and Jonah.
Joss 9 of 26
I know, I know. Joss is not a character in Firefly, but Joss Whedon is so amazing at creating characters and worlds that it is hard not to consider his name. He's practically a fandom himself! His name is actually Joseph, but I think it would do well on its own. It has also been used to shorten up Jocelyn for girls.
Kit 10 of 26
While the name Jon is very common, the name Kit is not quite as much. Fan favorite Jon Snow of Game of Thrones is played by cutie Kit Harington. It's listed as a nickname for Christopher but has been used as a first name.
Laszlo 11 of 26
Laszlo appeared in two Doctor Who episodes along with his girlfriend Tallulah. It's a popular Hungarian name that means "glorious ruler." It's hip and snappy, even if it does make me think of the 1920s.
Malcolm 12 of 26
Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds is the captain of the spaceship Serenity in the show Firefly. He's tough, smart and loyal to his crew. It's a Scottish name that ranked 466 in the US in 2012.
Mance 13 of 26
Mance Rayder is the King Beyond the Wall. The only man who seems to be able to exert some control over the Wildlings and other free people north of the wall in Game of Thrones. It has been used as a surname, but it appears unique to George R. R. Martin's series as a man's first name. I think it sounds strong.
Octavian 14 of 26
Father Octavian appears in The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone on Doctor Who. With the rise in Roman names it is an option or the variation Octavius.
Oswin 15 of 26
My fellow Whovians may be wondering why I've listed Oswin as a boy's name when it is a girl's name in the show. I actually think Oswin works well for a boy or girl, but definitely as an alternative to Oswald or Owen. It's a very old name that doesn't appear to be used much anymore.
Renly 16 of 26
The youngest of the Baratheon brothers in Game of Thrones, Renly seems to be a name unique to the books and show. May be a good fit for a stylish babe-boy or girl. It does look like it's a popular choice among fans in baby name forums. Possible nicknames: Ren and Lee.
Reynolds 17 of 26
The captain of Firefly gets a double dose of name inspiration by taking his surname, Reynolds. Without the "s" is another option. Rey would work as a nickname.
Rickon 18 of 26
The youngest Stark boy, Rickon, may not see a lot of screen time on Game of Thrones, but he has an interesting name choice to offer. Perhaps a twist on the classic Richard? Reminds me of Breckin with how it sounds.
Robb 19 of 26
Robb is a strong, solid boy's name. Often used as a nickname for Robert, the double B helps it stand on its own. While Robert is a common name, the usage of Robb is not. I do recall dating a double B Robb once. He made sure to point out how it was spelled when he told me his name. Looking back I wonder if he was a fan of Robb Stark's character.
Roman 20 of 26
Yes, Whovians, Roman is a name inspired by Doctor Who. Well, more specifically it is inspired by the character Rory who comes back as a Roman Centurion-which was awesome. It ranked 159 in 2012.
Rory 21 of 26
Were you as attached to the Ponds as I was? Rory was one of the Doctor's companions. It's an Irish name that means red (fitting for him becoming a Roman, I suppose) and is quite popular in Scotland and Ireland. It ranked 481 in the US in 2012.
Samwell 22 of 26
Though Samwell Tarly isn't physically strong in Game of Thrones, he is very smart and loves books. A gentle variation of Samuel.
Simon 23 of 26
Hebrew for "the listener," Simon is a Biblical name that isn't over used. It ranked 255 in 2012. In Firefly he is an intelligent doctor who risks everything to save his sister, River. A simple name perfect for those loyal to their families.
Tommen 24 of 26
The youngest Lannister boy is Tommen, who doesn't make a lot of appearances in Game of Thrones, so it is easy to miss his name inspiration. Great alternative to Timothy or Thomas that seems unique to the books and show.
Tyrion 25 of 26
A Game of Thrones fan favorite, many of you have strong character associations with the name Tyrion. Even so I think it is a bold, medieval sounding name. It is different without being too out there. May be an alternative to Tyler or Tyrone.
Yoren 26 of 26
There just aren't enough cool boy names that start with the letter Y. Yoren isn't a bad choice and I kind of like how it sounds. In Game of Thrones he assists Arya with escaping King's Landing by disguising her as a boy on his way back to the Night Watch.
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