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    1. America

    AmericaOrigin: German; meaning: home ruler
    This is quite possibly the most patriotic girls name ever. Although it is the name given to her at birth, the actress America Ferrera used her middle name, Georgina, during high school.

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    2. Madison

    MadisonOrigin: English; meaning: son of Matthew
    If your heart is set on honoring the Father of the Constitution, James Madison, through your baby's name (since we're sure there are many of you out there with this as your #1 priority), this is the perfect name for your little girl.

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    3. Justice

    JusticeOrigin: Latin; meaning: righteous, fair
    “With liberty and justice for all” is the closing phrase of our Pledge of Allegiance, so the name Justice has great importance, which we guess is why country musician Zac Brown wanted one of his little girls to have it.

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    4. Liberty

    LibertyOrigin: American; meaning: freedom
    The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most important symbols, and actor Joey Lawrence was so smitten with the name, he gave it to his daughter last year. “It’s something I’ve always loved,” he said in an interview with People.

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    5. Star

    StarOrigin: American; meaning: star
    Stars and stripes are two significant symbols of America. Our flag has 50 of them, our national anthem has one in the title, and we have plenty of stars in Hollywood — like Star Jones and Sean Combs, whose daughter is named D’Lila Star.

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    6. Alabama

    AlabamaOrigin: Native American; meaning: thicket clearing
    In 2005, Travis Barker named his little girl after one of the nation’s 50 nifty United States. That, or he’s a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan.

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    7. Cheyenne

    CheyenneOrigin: French; meaning: alien or unintelligible speakers
    In the history of the settlement of western America, the Cheyenne tribe was one of Europe's biggest opponents, so the French gave them this Sioux word that means "alien," but the Cheyenne tribe (many of who still speak their beautiful, native language) lives on in parts of Montana and Oklahoma. Cheyenne is also the name of a city in Wyoming, and musician Chris Robinson put the name on the map again in 2001 when giving it to his newborn girl.

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    8. Tiffany

    TiffanyOrigin: English; meaning: appearance of God
    This name was all the rage in the ‘80s thanks to a little song called “I Think We’re Alone Now,” and little girls with this name have so many other amazing connections to be excited about — Audrey Hepburn's style and class in Breakfast at Tiffany's and the sparkly wonders at Tiffany & Co., for example. God bless America.

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    9. Dakota

    DakotaOrigin: Native American; meaning: the allies
    The cool thing about this name is that technically it can be a girl’s name or a boy’s name, but thanks to child star Dakota Fanning, it made our girl list. Besides, what’s more American than becoming famous
    by age 7?

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    10. Georgia

    GeorgiaOrigin: English; meaning: farmer
    The last of the 13 original colonies, Georgia is also the female variation of George, America’s first president. And let us not forget American artist Georgia O’Keeffe who was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Medal of Arts.

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    11. Harper

    HarperOrigin: English; meaning: harp player
    To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the great American novels (in our humble opinion), and Harper Lee is its Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Though her birth name is actually Nelle Harper Lee, she decided to drop her first name when published so that she wouldn’t be referred to as “Nellie.”

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    12. Honor

    HonorOrigin: English; meaning: dignity, reputation
    Honor is one of the many attributes America strives for, so you could say actress Jessica Alba is patriotic for choosing it as her daughter’s name in 2008. We’re thinking it’ll make the Social Security list of popular girls names by 2013.

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    13. Savannah

    SavannahOrigin: Native American; meaning: open plain
    Known for its southern charm and beautiful surroundings, this city in Georgia makes a gorgeous name for girls. Jimmy Buffett paid tribute to his Southern roots by giving his own daughter this name in 1979.

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    14. Virginia

    VirginiaOrigin: Latin; meaning: virginal, pure
    If you want to have your baby girl's name be a throwback to the old school days of America's first colony settlements, and need something a little more mainstream than "Pocahontas," give this one a try. Bonus: It's also the state that borders our country's capital.

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    15. Monroe

    MonroeOrigin: Irish; meaning: from the hill
    So many Americans admired the talent and style of Marilyn Monroe, and now some parents, like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, are honoring the pop culture icon by giving their daughters this name. It's also the name of America’s 5th President, James Monroe.

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    16. Sailor

    SailorOrigin: American; meaning: boat crewmember
    A name that pays tribute to an age-honored profession as well as the many brave men and women who serve in the American Navy. It was also the name supermodel Christie Brinkley used for her daughter in 1998.

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    17. Grace

    GraceOrigin: Latin; meaning: grace of God
    When we think of American royalty we think of none other than Grace Kelly. The Philadelphia (where our Declaration of Independence was signed) native grew up to become a Hollywood icon and then the Princess of Monaco. A movie star and a princess? Talk about living the American dream!

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    18. Charlotte

    CharlotteOrigin: English; meaning: free
    To the residents of North Carolina, Charlotte is their largest city, but to Pierce Brosnan, it is the name of his 27-year-old daughter. It’s also the name of the conservative, romantic idealist character from Sex and the City and nothing screams “American woman” like a SATC character name.

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    19. Apple

    AppleOrigin: English; meaning: the apple fruit
    “As American as apple pie” is a saying that is commonly used, which is why Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter’s name made it onto our patriotic names list.

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    20. Bristol

    BristolOrigin: English; meaning: site of the bridge
    Bristol is not only a city in Connecticut, but it’s also the cool moniker of former Alaska governor and American Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin’s daughter, who happened to get pregnant at age 17. Bristol is now an abstinence advocate for young teens in America. (Our Puritan forefathers would be proud, no doubt.)

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    21. Memphis

    MemphisOrigin: Greek; meaning: established and beautiful
    Memphis, TN is a city with much historical significance — not only has it seen its share of great musicians, but it was at the center of civil rights issues, including the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s no wonder U2 lead singer and activist Bono named his daughter after the famous city in 1991.

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    22. Amelia

    AmeliaOrigin: Latin; meaning: to strive, excel or rival
    Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer that made her country proud and even led to the famous Joni Mitchell tune “Amelia.” Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna were so in love with the name, they gave it to their daughter in 2001.

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    23. Eleanor

    EleanorOrigin: Greek; meaning: shining light
    It doesn’t get much more American than First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt who surely served as the inspiration for Katie Couric when she named her daughter Elinor in 1991.

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    24. Reagan

    ReaganOrigin: Irish; meaning: little king
    This name represents both the 40th president of the United States and the possessed teenage girl, Regan MacNeil from the classic ’70s American horror film The Exorcist. (Hopefully your offspring will go with Republican over satanic possession.)

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    25. Phoenix

    PhoenixOrigin: Greek; meaning: blood red
    The myth of the phoenix is that it can rise from its ashes. In other words, it’s immortal. While Melanie Brown liked it for a girl’s name, we also think it makes a great boy’s name, too. After all, perseverance is the American way.

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    26. Free

    FreeOrigin: American; meaning: not in captivity
    Hello, “land of the free.” This name oozes patriotism, and apparently actors Barbara Hershey and David Carradine found it to be the perfect choice for their son in 1972. Unfortunately, at the ripe age of 9, he decided to break free from his birth name and now goes by Tom.

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    27. Bronx

    BronxOrigin: American; meaning: Bronck’s land
    Ashlee Simpson received a lot of backlash for giving her son this name in 2008, but it’s a great way to pay tribute to the home of Yankee Stadium.

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    28. Brooklyn

    BrooklynOrigin: American; meaning: New York borough
    It looks like naming babies after New York City boroughs has become a celebrity trend, considering the Beckhams chose this very New York name for their little boy. We can’t wait until a celebrity decides to name their kid “Staten Island.”

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    29. Dallas

    DallasOrigin: Scottish; meaning: from the meadow dwelling
    Everything is bigger in Texas! Give your boy this name, and get ready for a larger than life personality, especially since it’s also the name of the legendary ’80s TV series about the Ewings, a wealthy Texan family in the oil and cattle-ranching industries.

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    30. Ford

    FordOrigin: English; meaning: river crossing
    The kid might have to endure a bunch of “built Ford tough” jokes, but at least his name won’t be Toyota!

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    31. Indiana

    IndianaOrigin: Americans; meaning: land of Indians
    This is a fantastic name if you want your boy to have the adventurous spirit of the iconic American character Indiana Jones or to pay tribute to the first Americans with Christopher Columbus’ famous misnomer. It’s also a great name for anyone who’s a fan of the Hoosier state.

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    32. Knox

    KnoxOrigin: English; meaning: from the small hill
    Fort Knox is a United States Army post in Kentucky and was a central spot during the Civil War, frequently raided by both Confederate and Union forces. Brad and Angelina weren’t thinking of battle zones when they gave one of their twins this name though; they were honoring Brad’s grandfather by carrying on his middle name through their son.

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    33. Hudson

    HudsonOrigin: English; meaning: son of Hudd
    Though some parts of the Hudson River are murky and definitely not baby-name worthy, if you’ve traveled along the prettier parts of the river, you’d understand why some parents, like former 98 degrees singer Drew Lachey, decide to give their baby this name.

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    34. Cash

    CashOrigin: English; meaning: maker of chests
    After music legend Johnny Cash's death in 2003, this baby name spiked in popularity. Other famous guys named Cash include Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren, and the son of CNN reporter Carter Evans and Fox News reporter Courtney Friel, Cash Carter Evans, born earlier this year. And really, what's more American than naming your kid after a pile of the "green stuff"?

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    35. Jack

    JackOrigin: English; meaning: slang for “man”
    This is the same name as President John F. Kennedy’s nickname (and his son, JFK Jr.’s nickname) as well as American writers Jack London and Jack Kerouac. It’s also perfect for “I’ll never let go, Jack!” re-enactments from Titanic.

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    36. Blue

    BlueOrigin: American; meaning: the color blue
    This is the middle name of Cher and Greg Allman’s son, which was also one of the colors chosen for the American flag and Great Seal of the United States to represent vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Sure, the name may have lost a little credibility when they gave it to a dog on Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues, but it’s still a pretty solid (and unique) American name.

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    37. Jesse

    JesseOrigin: Hebrew; meaning: gift
    Naming a kid after a famous outlaw, murderer, and bank robber, Jesse James, wouldn’t exactly be our first choice, but it worked for Bon Jovi when he named his son. There’s no doubt that it’s a legendary American name — and very rock and roll, too.

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    38. Presley

    PresleyOrigin: English; meaning: from the Priest’s field
    What’s more American than the king of rock and roll? Elvis lives on in this moniker, which Cindy Crawford used when naming her own son in 1999.

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    39. Jett

    JettOrigin: English; meaning: jet black
    Not only were Americans the first to build and successfully fly an airplane, but this name also reminds us of the beloved film classic West Side Story and Elton John’s hit “Bennie and the Jets.” John Travolta gave his son this name when he was born in 1992.

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    40. Sam

    SamOrigin: Hebrew; meaning: his name is God
    It’s only America’s favorite uncle! And hey, Seal and Heidi Klum thought it was cool enough to name one of their sons Samuel.

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    41. Ben

    BenOrigin: Hebrew; meaning: son of my right hand; son of the south
    Boys with this name get the honor of sharing a name with Benjamin Franklin, a brilliant American who was gutsy enough to risk electrocution by flying a kite in a thunderstorm with a key attached — how cool! And he also invented bifocals so ... double cool.

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    42. Alex

    AlexOrigin: Greek; meaning: mankind’s defender
    Your kid may never know what a landline is, but if you name him Alex he just may. If it weren’t for the great American inventor Alexander Graham Bell we wouldn’t have smartphones, which means there wouldn’t be Angry Birds. (Gasp!)

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    43. Levi

    LeviOrigin: Hebrew; meaning: joined in harmony
    Matthew McConaughey certainly wears a lot of jeans (and not a lot of shirts), so we like to think he had the American inventor of jeans, Levi Strauss, in mind when naming his son.

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    44. Mason

    MasonOrigin: French; meaning: stone worker
    Boys with this name share it with “the Father of the Bill of Rights,” George Mason ... and reality star Kourtney Kardashian’s son.

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    45. Teddy

    TeddyOrigin: Greek; meaning: divine gift
    This name does double duty as having the prestigious nature of President Theodore Roosevelt with the more sentimental squishiness of teddy bears (which are also named after President Roosevelt).

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    46. George

    GeorgeOrigin: Greek; meaning: farmer
    Naming your son after the first president of the United States is pretty much the very definition of patriotic. It was also the name JFK Jr. chose for his (now defunct) political lifestyle magazine in 1995.

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    47. Charlie

    CharlieOrigin: English; meaning: free man
    If you want your little guy to cherish his freedom as an American, this name literally translates to free man. And, of course, it’s also the name of the beloved main character of the Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown.

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    48. John

    JohnOrigin: Hebrew; meaning: God is gracious
    There are a slew of important figures in American history with this strong, traditional name: John Adams (second president of the U.S.), John Hancock (famous signer of the Declaration of Independence), and JFK, just to name a few.

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    49. Carter

    CarterOrigin: English; meaning: driver of a cart
    This is a cute boy’s name that also honors President Jimmy Carter, who has been very involved in human rights since leaving the oval office and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

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    50. Austin

    AustinOrigin: English; meaning: great
    Sure, Dallas is great, but we can’t forget this other great Texas city! It was chosen as the capital of the newly independent Republic of Texas in 1839 (what’s more American than claiming independence?) and has risen in popularity as a boy’s name within the past couple decades.

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