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The name Autumn has shown many shades since its 1969 debut on the charts. This hippy classic is not just for trippy 60s arrivals and revivals. The word "autumn" is derived from the Latin word autumnus, and the name reached the top 100 most popular names for girls in 1997, surpassing Summer, and has remained a perennial favorite ever since. In the 16th century, the word "autumn" replaced the "harvest" in the English language, when crops were harvested and reaped before winter. Aki is a unisex Japanese name meaning "autumn."
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Looking to reap additional fall names? Wheatley, or Wheatleigh, is a surname meaning "from the wheat meadow." Grapes are usually harvested in the fall in the northern hemisphere. The Greek god of wine was called Dionysus; his Roman counterpart Bacchus.
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A season of change, fall is known for its fiery colors and hues that blaze across the forest and sky. The names Scarlet, Russet, and Gold are among the spectacular shades associated with autumn, and its falling leaves and loss of light. Aurelius means "gold" and Orville means "gold town."

For boys, Leaf, Forest, and Forrest are evergreen choices for names. Colorado is famous for its Aspen trees which turn gold in the fall. And Kaede means "maple leaf" in Japanese.

Velvet and Paisley are the fabrics of autumn, with deep, rich colors and patterns in swirls of Midnight, Dusk, Twilight, Garnet, and Vermilion.
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The gemstones associated with the months of September, October, and November are Sapphire, Opal, and Topaz. Girls' names and jewel tones such as Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, and Jade also are treasured by families.

For boys, the "gems" are decidedly flintier or rockier in nature: Cobalt, Mica, Flint, Rock, and Stone. For boys' names meaning "wealthy" or "rich," there is no shortage. Edward means "prosperous" or "guardian." Edgar means "prosperous spearman" or "wealthy spear." Edmond means "wealthy protector." Edwin means "wealthy friend." Darius means "rich" in Persian.
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In mythology and the Bible, apples appear as mystical fruit that can bestow wisdom, eternal youth, and fertility, or incite discord and lead to temptation and ruination. The forbidden fruit eaten by Adam and Eve is often portrayed as an apple in popular culture.

The name Apple has inspired musicians and moguls alike. The Beatles named their record label, Apple Records, in 1968, as part of their Apple Corps company. Apple Inc., incorporated in 1977, manufactures consumer electronics, computer software, and computers—including the Macintosh, or Mac.

Name-friendly varieties ripe for the picking include McIntosh, Cortland, Braeburn, Baldwin, Idared, Roxbury, Russet, (Granny) Smith, and Golden (Delicious). Melora means "golden apple" in Greek. Apple Blossom honors the flower that bears the fruit. Of course, we won't forgetGwyneth Paltrow who named her daughter, Apple, after this delicious fruit in 2005.
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For many families, September signals the start of the school year, and learning the letters of the alphabet. Gold stars are awarded to names that are creatively spelled, including Aiden/Ayden/Aden/Aaden, Braden, Caden, Jaden, and Zaden. Names inspired by wordplay—including acronyms and anagrams—make the lesson plan. Exotic examples include Ily (short for "I love you") and Abcde—the first five letters of the alphabet (pronounced "Ab-si-dee").
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The months of September, October, and November fall between summer and winter, and carry three syllables, unlike the sunnier months of May, April, and June.

October, the 10th month of the calendar year, was originally derived from the Latin octo, to represent the eighth month of the ancient Roman calendar. "Octomom" Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets earlier this year. Another way to say "eighth?" Octavius, Octavia, Octavio, and Octave.
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Halloween falls on the very last day of October. Halloween-inspired names include the bewitching Samantha, Tabitha, Endora, and Sabrina, and the feline Neko.

These spooky and celestial names that evoke the moon or moon goddess: Selene, Luna, and Aylin, Cynthia, and Diana. Fantastical creatures are conjured up in names such as Draco (which means "dragon"), Phoenix, and Griffin.
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Fall is time for hard work and dedication. Summer vacation has dwindled and it's time to go back to work and school. Names that mean industrious, or striving: Emily, Amalia, Emmeline, Emilia, Milia, Amelia, Amelie, Melia. Also hard at work: Emory, Amory, and Emil. Emira means "worthy of merit."

Titans and industrialists: John D. Rockefeller, J. P. Morgan, John Jacob Astor, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Leland Stanford, James Buchanan Duke.
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Traditionally, Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration and festival, a time to express gratitude and gather with family and friends. Virtue names such as Constance, Prudence, Honor, Grace, Chastity, and Hope were favored by the pilgrims, as were word names that spoke of their humility, love, and devotion.
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