60 Baby Names for Your Little Flower Child

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Names inspired by nature, or those having a very carefree, earthy feel to them were popular in the ’60s, and I’ve noticed that quite a few of them are beginning to make a comeback. Celebrities are notorious for choosing unique names for their little ones, and more than several have chosen bohemian names for their children.

Looking for something a little groovy, baby? Here are 60 wonderfully bohemian-inspired names for your little guy or girl!

1. Dusk

In between day and night.

2. Blaze

A flame.

3. Clover

A sweet smelling (and tasting) flower, as well as a traditional symbol of luck, comfort and wealth.

4. Essence

Perfume, or the fundamental quality to one’s life.

5. Spirit

Spirit has various meanings, ranging from breath to sacred.

6. Ocean

Ocean is of Greek origin, meaning “sea.”

7. Storm

Besides its obvious meaning, the Old English variant means “tempest.”

8. Rain

A fresh blessing from up above.

9. Blue

Reminiscent of the sky; Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy.

10. Earth

Like the planet we live in, this name is strong and solid.

11. Cloud

Conjures the feeling of lightness and being as close to the heavens as you can possibly get.

12. Coriander

An herb used mostly in Indian and Asian dishes. It’s also a great unisex name.

13. Petal

As in the petal of a flower. Also the name of Jamie Oliver’s daughter.

14. Honey

Naturally sweet — just like your newborn!

15. Freedom

To be liberated.

16. Maya

There are different meanings for Maya, ranging from spiritual to traditional (also a form of May).

17. Paisley

A Scottish name, as well a popular fabric design pattern that was “all the rage” during the ’60s and ’70s.

18. Stone

Solid as a rock!

19. Patchouli

If the ’60s had an official scent, Patchouli would be that one. Sweet, spicy, and musty, with relaxing and soothing properties.

20. Autumn

One of the four seasons.

21. Flow

To move freely.

22. Flight

To fly!

23. Opal

A gemstone.

24. Aura

A metaphysical word used to describe the energetic atmosphere surrounding each and every individual.

25. Starshine

A variant of Star, this one is a little more glittery and glitzy.

26. Xavier

Meaning “new house.”

27. Echo

A reverberating sound.

28. Breeze

A gentle, pleasing wind.

29. Summer

The warmest season of the year.

30. Windsong

A pretty girls’ name, combining both wind and song.

31. Deja

Of French origin, meaning “already seen.”

32. Halo

Greek; meaning a circle of light, or an aura, surrounding an angel or a holy person.

33. China

As in the country.

34. Lyric

The words to a song or hymn.

35. Butterfly

Beautiful, free and fluttering!

36. Willow

A tree that sways in the breeze and brings peace and harmony.

37. Destiny

A person’s fortune or fate.

38. Mist

A cloud of fine droplets of water that falls near the surface of the earth.

39. Sky

Look up!

40. Cosmic

Vastness, in relation to the universe.

41. Zen

To be at peace.

42. Marigold

A bright and sunny flower, often used in gardens and garlands.

43. Saffron

A spice used quite a bit in Indian cuisine; also a popular color in the “hippie” days.

44. Joy

Pure and utter happiness.

45. Raven

A large crow.

46. Chakra

Of Indian origin and thought; centers of spiritual power in the body.

47. Blossom

A flower.

48. Peace

Tranquility and calm.

49. Ziggy

A German name made famous by the musician Ziggy Marley.

50. Natura

Inspired by nature.

51. Honesty

A feel-good, virtuous name.

52. Fern

A non-flowering plant.

53. Star

Bright and inspirational!

54. Harmony

A beautiful and musical combination or compilation.

55. Rainbow

The rainbow comes at the end of the storm; a multi-colored sign of hope.

56. Moon

Calm, cool, and glowing with life.

57. Flower

Sweet, beautiful, and pretty.

58. Sunny

Bright and happy!

59. Daydream

Happy thoughts.

60. Shea

Irish for “majestic.”

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