15 Beautiful Baby Names Inspired by Colors of the Rainbow

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If you’re looking for a truly unique baby name for your little one, consulting the rainbow might be a good option! I’ve compiled 15 beautiful baby names inspired by colors — thanks to a little inspiration from my kids.

My girls and I have been talking a lot about colors this week. My 2-year-old has been playing with a wooden stacker, and every time she puts a color on or takes one off, she has to announce the color to the entire room with a “Mommy look it’s … ” I love her enthusiasm for learning new things.

After watching her play this game over and over, I was inspired to look up different names for all of these colors. And lots of them make beautiful baby names!

Here are my top 15 baby names inspired by colors:


A beautiful name for a little girl that also refers to a canary shade of yellow.


A beautiful greenish-blue color and a beautiful name.


I love this name for a little boy that means “green river.”


Referring to a precious blue stone, this is such a pretty name for a girl.


Tawny is a golden brown color and has a great sound to it.


A reddish brown color, Sorrel is a great gender-neutral name.


I adore this name for a little girl. It sounds so fancy and refers to a buttery yellow.


Meaning “rose.” Rose and pink are my favorite colors, so I was very naturally drawn to this name.


A yellow reddish-brown. I’ve always loved this name for a little girl. It’s so feminine and proper.


This is a unique name for a little boy, and refers to the horse coat color that is a lightly pigmented white.


The lighter shade of red that so many of us love. This is also my daughter’s middle name, so naturally I am partial to it.


Meaning “red-haired,” this is such a strong name for a little boy.


A more traditional name for a little girl that means “golden.”


A strong and beautiful name for a girl, meaning “silver.”


Another name for yellow and such a masculine name.

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