12 Intriguing Bird Baby Names

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A girl's name meaning "bird" in Latin (or "desired," in its Germanic form), Avis reached its first peak of popularity back in the Middle Ages. Today, it's rather uncommon, and boasts an unobtrusively modern feel; it's also an appealing alternative to the more widely used Ava.
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Traditionally a boy's name, Byrd (meaning "bird-like") is now used for girls, too. The name's alternate—or perhaps more direct—spelling, Bird, is also becoming popular, although be aware if leaning this way that the word "bird" is sometimes used as a British figure of speech meaning "young woman" or "girl."
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A universal symbol of peace and love, and known for its gentle cooing sound, these birds and babies have much in common. This name suits girls and boys alike; drop the "E" for a more masculine feel.
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An appealing, succinct alternative to names like Jayden or Jason, this unisex name refers to the famous North American bird. Famous namesakes include comedians Jay Leno and Jay Moer, countless athletes (like basketball player Jay Williams), as well as musicians (jazz player Jay Clayton), and astronauts (Jay Buckley).
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The expression "happy as a lark" was inspired by these playful songbirds, and Lark is increasing in popularity as a straight-forward, cheerful alternative to more common bird names for girls.
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A gorgeous girl's name meaning "dove," Paloma has been recently bestowed upon the daughters of celebs like David Caruso and Ana Ortiz, as well as countless other au courant baby girls. Unusual, a little exotic and ear-catching, Paloma's a new one that's bound to stick around.
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Phoenix means "deep red," and is the name of the colorful, mythical bird reputed to live for a thousand years before erupting into flames and then rising, infinitely, again. A passionate, unisex name that connotes myth and mystery, Phoenix is imbued with the epic, but graced with a soft, appealing sound.
Raven 8 of 12
Ravens are large, dark birds known for their intelligence and intrigue. The name has been popular for both boys and girls since the 1990s, and is perfect for dark-haired beauties, or charming, mysterious babies who look as if they might know something you don't.
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Long popular as both a boy's and girl's name, Robin's literary roots run deep (think Robin Hood and the character also known as Puck in Skakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream). As a girl's name, it refers to the American songbird, one of the first to trill at dawn.
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Starling birds are known for their iridescent plumage, their strong, direct flight, and their ability to mimic surrounding sounds in their calls. Popular in the early 20th century, the appellation is appropriate for boys and girls alike.
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Both a color and a bird (the bird is named for its color), Teal is usually given to girls, but could certainly suit boys, as well. Straight forward but unusual, it's an excellent choice for parents searching for a unique name that isn't confusing.
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This up-and-coming unisex name, taken after the small, brown songbird, is uncommon everywhere. But Wren is rumored to be emerging as the "next Robin."
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