15 Birthstone-Inspired Baby Names for the Gem in Your Life

birthstone-inspired baby names
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Are you looking for a little dazzle with your baby’s name? Look no further than to this list of glittering birthstone-inspired baby names.

Whether you take your inspiration from your baby’s gemstone or are simply dazzled by this glimmering collection of names, put a little sparkle in your baby’s name with one of these 15 sparkly birthstone-inspired baby names!

1. Agatha

A girl’s name inspired by agate, an alternative birthstone for May. Agate is a gorgeous stone with many different colored layers and striping. Agatha is a name with Greek origins meaning “good.”

2. Alex

This name is suitable for both boys and girls, often short for Alexander or Alexandra, respectively. Alex is inspired by the gem alexandrite, a modern birthstone for the month of June. Alexandrite shifts its color from greenish to purple depending on the light. Alex is a name with Greek origins meaning “defender of men.”

3. Amy

A girl’s name inspired by amethyst the birthstone associated with February. Amethyst is a rich purple color. Amy is a French name meaning “love” or “beloved.”

4. Diamond

This girl’s name is the shiniest gemstone of them all, the birthstone associated with April. Did you know diamonds can come in a variety of colors besides clear white? One of the truly dazzling birthstone-inspired baby names!

5. Emma

A girl’s name with inspiration drawn from emerald, May’s stunning green birthstone. Emma is a Germanic name meaning “universal” or “whole.”

6. Garnet

This unisex baby name is the birthstone for January a rich deep red stone. Garnet is a French name meaning “pomegranate.”

7. Jasper

This boy’s name packs a lot of punch, taken right from March’s birthstone. Jasper is a ruddy brownish gemstone. This Persian name means “treasure bringer.”

8. Onyx

This unisex name comes right from July’s birthstone, a dark black gemstone that still can catch the light. Onyx is a word with Latin origins meaning “claw.”

9. Opal

This delicate girl’s name has a very vintage feel and is the birthstone associated with October. Opal is a milky colored gemstone with a rainbow glittery sheen; opal a word with ancient Sanskrit origins simply meaning “jewel.”

10. Paz

Inspired by November’s birthstone, topaz, Paz is a Spanish unisex name meaning “peace.” Topaz comes in a variety of colors and is known for its glittering clarity.

11. Pearl

This lovely, vintage-inspired girl’s name is the delicate birthstone associated with both November and June. Pearl is a word of Latin origins and can come in many colors, from creamy white, to pink, to even grey and black.

12. Perry

Inspired by peridot, the birthstone associated with August, Perry is an Old English unisex name meaning “pear tree.” It’s a fitting meaning given that peridot is a bright green stone, not unlike the skin of a pear.

13. Ruby

This girl’s name takes its inspiration from the luscious red birthstone associated with December. The word Ruby is Latin in origin meaning “precious red stone.”

14. Sapphire

This girl’s name takes its inspiration from the highly-prized September birthstone of the same name. Sapphire is a word of Greek origins simply meaning “blue stone.”

15. Tansy

This girl’s name draws its inspiration from December’s modern birthstone, tanzanite. Tanzanite is a brilliant blue-purple gemstone whose color can shift from shimmering indigo to rich blues with the change of light. Tansy is a name with Greek origins meaning “immortal” or “everlasting” and is also the name of a flower. Tansy comes from the same word root as “tenacious.”

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