30+ Adventurous and Bold Baby Names

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Being strong and brave is something that we talk about almost daily in our home.

With three little girls, it’s easy to tell them they’re pretty or cute or adorable. But we make a conscious effort to make sure they know how strong and brave, funny, and smart they are. We don’t want them growing up thinking that looks are the only important thing — we want them to have a diverse childhood. Instead of just playing with baby dolls, we want them exploring. We want them climbing trees and running through fields, throwing rocks, and exploring nature. We want them to be adventurers, and for these types of people there are bold baby names.

If you are hoping for the same, consider an adventurous name for your little one. Here are 30+ examples of bold baby names for boys and girls.

For boys …

1. Huck

The ultimate explorer name, after Huckleberry Finn, of course.

2. Sawyer

Huck’s friend Tom, or if you’re a fan of “Lost.”

3. Jack

Have a lumberjack on your hands? What a fitting name!

4. Bear

This name is rising in popularity!

5. Indiana

Indiana Jones is every little boy’s hero.

6. Blaise

Means “burning fire.”

7. Fox

If you can get past the “What Does the Fox Say?” song, this one might be for you!

8. Rocket

A name meant for a fast & furious boy!

9. Wilder

Sounds like someone who’d love to climb moutons.

10. Colt

Means “from the dark town.”

11. Jett

It’s the name of a mineral.

12. Ace

Means “noble” or “brave.”

13. West

I love this one. A perfectly simple name for a brave soul.

14. Maverick

It means “independent.”

15. Hunter

Another perfect adventure name. This one’s quite popular.

16. Cliff

Got a little mountaineer on your hands?

For girls …

1. Brave

Why not give her the word itself?

2. Matilda

Means “battle mighty.”

3. Rainey

The name means “power.”

4. Merida

The strong-willed character from Disney’s “Brave.”

5. Anne

Name her after Anne Frank, one of the bravest girls the world has ever known.

6. Annie

Another girly name, named after Annie Oakley, American sharpshooter.

7. Helen

Means “bright.”

8. Amelia

Inspired by Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

9. Harriet

An old-fashioned name inspired by Harriet Tubman, a brave abolitionist during the Civil War.

10. Valeria

A lovely name that means “strong.”

11. Beatrice

Beatrice means “voyager.”

12. Nellie

Inspired by Nellie Bly, a ground-breaking journalist who took a trip around the world.

13. Louise

After Louise Boyd, the first woman to reach the North Pole.

14. Kira

Named after Kira Salak, a professional adventurer.

15. River

One of the perfect bold baby names for an explorer.

16. Jane

Inspired by Jane Goodall, primatologist and adventurer.

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