8 Boy Names for Born Leaders

Jefferson 1 of 8
Decidedly cooler than Jeffrey, Jefferson's classic, presidential appeal—it was the third US president's surname, and is Bill Clinton's middle name—is nicely balanced by its modern, casual feel.
Neil 2 of 8
Most commonly associated with Neil Armstrong, the famous American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon, Neil is a striking, unusual choice today. The Irish variant on this name, Niall, meaning "champion," also belonged to the legendary 4th century king, Niall of the Nine Hostages.
Augustus 3 of 8
Currently enjoying a well-deserved comeback, Augustus means "venerable," or "great," and was first bestowed as an honorary title upon Rome's first Emperor.
Lincoln 4 of 8
Lincoln's two-syllable trend appeal has kicked off its recent resurgence—almost always associated with former American president Abraham Lincoln, the name connotes upstanding character and wisdom, but sounds hip and fresh, instead of stodgy.
King 5 of 8
Climbing in popularity, King is a precise and punchy choice—with a certain informal flair—for your little lord of the land. It's also an unusual, and unstuffy, way to pay tribute to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bodhi 6 of 8
Sanskrit for "awakening," and the root of Bodhisattva—a Buddhist term for someone who leads all beings to freedom and enlightenment—Bodhi is a memorable alternative to uber-mainstream names like Cody and Brody.
Alexander 7 of 8
Landing in the top 25 most popular names for over two decades, Alexander claimed the number eight spot in 2011. From Alexander the Great to former president Alexander Hamilton to famed inventor Alexander Graham Bell, this moniker's bearers have left indelible marks on history, and provided the name with lasting presence. Cute nickname options include Alex, Xander, and Zan.
Harrison 8 of 8
With presidential (Benjamin Harrison), musical (The Beatles' George Harrison), and movie star (Harrison Ford) cred, Harrison's a historical name with a casual, approachable feel. It's also cute as can be for a little boy, without being a name he'll outgrow.
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