Classic Boy Names You’ll Never Get Tired of Hearing

There are so many things that come into play when trying to choose a baby name. While many parents want to stray from the norm and find unique names for their kiddos, there is still something to be said about choosing a classic name. And when it comes to classic boy names — from Alexander and Christopher to Michael and Paul — there are so many timeless options to choose from.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: son of the red earth.

The name Adam has been around forever. Who hasn’t had a boy named Adam in their class at school? It was also a very popular name to give firstborns in the Middle Ages. While more popular “A” names like Aiden have been on the rise lately, Adam will always remain a classic.


Origin: Greek; Meaning: defender of the people.

Alexander has been a recognizable name for years and years, thanks to men like Alexander the Great, Alexander Graham Bell, or more recently Alexander McQueen and Alexander Skarsgård. No pressure though Baby, OK? Cute nickname options include Alex, Xander, and Zan.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: son of the right hand.

Benjamin is still considered a timeless name and has regained popularity in the past decade, thanks to celebs like Ben Affleck and Ben Stiller. If the name feels too formal for you, Benji is also a fun option!


Origin: Greek; Meaning: one who carries Christ.

You may recognize Christopher in connection to the controversial “discoverer” of the New World, Winnie the Pooh’s sole human friend, or the hunky Chris Hemsworth. This classic name experienced a huge revival in popularity from 1960-2000 and remains a go-to boys’ name.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: God is my judge.

If fearlessness is a trait you want your bouncing baby boy to have, the name Daniel may be the way to go. The classic explorer Daniel Boone was one of the first people to go west of the Appalachian mountains and actor Daniel Craig played a mean James Bond. Not too shabby, eh?


Origin: English; Meaning: prosperous guardian.

Traditionally viewed as a regal name, Edward may now be more closely associated with romantic vampires instead (thanks, Edward Cullen). But have no fear — supernatural or not, Edward is a classic name that will always stand the test of time.


Origin: English; Meaning: farmer.

As demonstrated by Prince William and Kate Middleton naming their firstborn son, George, it’s quite the illustrious name. The name has also been borne by numerous heads of state in England, Greece, and the United States. Plus, who could forget former Sexiest Man Alive George Clooney?


Origin: English; Meaning: familiar form of Herald or Henry.

The name Harry has been a favorite for a long, long time. And thanks to the popular Harry Potter books and films, we’re sure this moniker will remain a classic for years to come. It also won’t hurt that England’s beloved Prince Harry shares this name as well.


Origin: Polish; Meaning: God is gracious.

Often used as a nickname for the name John back in the day, Jack has climbed the beanstalk of baby names to become a relatively popular name for boys, particularly in the UK. And who is cuter than The Incredibles‘ Jack-Jack!?


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: God has been gracious.

If you think everyone knows someone named John, you’re probably right. John has spent many years ranked #1 in the U.S. and is one of the top 5 boys names in the U.S. for the last 100 years. You can’t go wrong choosing this classic boy name.


Origin: Greek; Meaning: light giving.

Luke is a longtime favorite boy name, and it’s not hard to see why. It simultaneously sounds steadfast and cool. It’s also the name of a ton of professional athletes and Luke Skywalker — so if that doesn’t work, we don’t know what will.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: gift of God.

Good ol’ reliable Matthew. Matthew is a name that has remained in the top of the popular boy names list decade after decade. It’s the name of a fairly large number of famous entertainers (we see you Matthew McConaughey!) and athletes, so between all of those, there should be no shortage of inspiration growing up.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Who is like God?

Michael has steadfastly remained a top boys’ name through the years, so why not consider it for your little one? With a variety of role models to look up to (hello, Michael Phelps!) your little one will love this classic moniker.


Origin: Greek; Meaning: victorious.

Nicholas is the true name of Santa Claus — and who wouldn’t want to be named after Jolly ‘ol Saint Nick!? There are a variety of fun nicknames (ha!) that go along with this classic, making it both timeless and fun.


Origin: Latin; Meaning: little.

Paul is another classic boy name we won’t get tired of hearing anytime soon. With singers like Paul McCartney and classic war heroes like Paul Revere to admire, this name is a clear winner. It also doesn’t hurt that U2’s Bono is really named Paul!


Origin: English; Meaning: bright with fame.

Robert has been an all-time favorite boy name since the Middle Ages and is popular worldwide. In fact, it’s been so popular that it’s been in the top 25 for an entire century. Classic, timeless and strong — what’s not to love?


Origin: Greek; Meaning: crown.

There’s just something so cool about the ever-fashionable Stephen. From Stephen Colbert and Steve Jobs to Steven Tyler and Stephen Curry, there is no shortage of inspiration around this name (no matter the spelling!).


Origin: German; Meaning: medieval short form of all German male names beginning with the prefix Diet.

One of the best parts of the name Thomas is that there are so many inspiring namesakes: President Thomas Jefferson, inventor Thomas Edison, literary rascal Tom Sawyer, and of course, the one your little guy is most apt to love, Thomas the Tank Engine.


Origin: German; Meaning: resolute or brilliant.

This name has belonged to several rulers of England, such as Kate Middleton’s husband Prince William of Wales and not to mention several former U.S. presidents. Almost as common as John, William is another classic name that will stand the test of time.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: The Lord remembered.

While this name was wildly popular for a while, it is currently experiencing a downward trend, so now might be a good time to hop on the Zachary train if you wanted a classic-but-not-so-common name for your son.

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