20 Comic Book Inspired Baby Girl Names

From super heroine to super villain we searched through female comic book characters for baby name ideas for your independent little girl. Most of the inspiration came from the Marvel and DC Comics universes. Which name is your favorite?

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Are you looking for a unique name for your baby girl? Comics are a treasure trove of names since almost every character has an alias or three. A few of these names are fairly popular while others you may not have considered before. Whether a super hero or villain, from Marvel or DC Comics, all of the women named here have positive qualities such as strength and independence.
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If you grew up with She-Ra like I did, then you might consider using her real name: Adora. It's an uncommon name of Latin origin meaning "adored" which is fitting for your little princess, right? And maybe she'll be a Princess of Power too. Possible nicknames: Dory.
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You'll find Aurora, which means "dawn," among Marvel's X-Men (and as a Disney princess). This name ranked 166 in 2012 and is on the rise. Possible nicknames include Ori or Rory.
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Feeling incredibly lucky to be blessed with a little girl? Consider the name Domino which is the alias of Neena Thurman, a character in Marvel's X-Men who can alter probability in her favor.
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Here's a name many geeky parents will appreciate. Echo is the alias of Maya Lopez from Marvel's Daredevil. It's also from Greek mythology and a character in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It's not a word I would have thought of as a name a few years ago but it has grown on me.
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While Harley or Quinn work well on their own, keeping them together is what will signal your homage to geekdom rather than motorcycles. Harley Quinn became a villain after falling in love with the Joker. Kevin Smith used this name for his daughter and it was given to over 700 girls last year. Ranked at 415 and climbing.
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If you are looking for a colorful name, Jade is a pretty option. She's the daughter of the Green Lantern so it's a great way to nod at DC Comics. It's a very popular name in both France and Belgium and ranked 112 in 2012 in the US. A couple variations to consider include Jada or Zhade.
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Looking for an alternative to Julie or Gillian? How about Jubilee after Jubilation Lee, a member of Marvel's X-Men?
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Superman fans may like the name Kara, the real name of Supergirl (who is Superman's cousin). This name seems to be decreasing in popularity, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! It ranked 365 in 2012.
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This name choice was inspired by Liberty Belle, also known as Libby Lawrence, a DC Comics character from the 1940s. It ranked 600 in 2012 and is seeing an increase in popularity. Perfect for those who like names such as Justice and Hope. Libby would be a natural nickname.
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Lyra is the ultimate strong woman's name, though I hope your little one has better anger management skills. Lyra is the name of an alternate timeline She-Hulk, a daughter of Marvel's The Incredible Hulk. It is also a constellation name.
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I thought Marlena sounded pretty and different without being too unusual. Queen Marlena was the mother of Adam and Adora, also known as He-Man and She-Ra. Possible nicknames include Marley and Lena.
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I wasn't very familiar with Namora, an Atlantean/Human hybrid mutant from the Marvel universe, but the name caught my attention. Perhaps an alternative choice to Norma and Nora.
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Fans of Black Widow from Marvel's The Avengers may want to consider using her real name: Natasha. This Russian named ranked 537 in 2012 in the US. Possible nicknames include Nat, Tasha, and Sasha.
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This space name is a little more out there, but pretty. Nova is the alias of Frankie Raye from Marvel's Fantastic Four and seems to be coming back into style.
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Spices have been inspiring baby girl names, but this Pepper is based on Virginia "Pepper" Potts, Tony Stark's assistant and love interest in Marvel's Iron Man. While she is not a super heroine or super villain, she is a well known supporting character due to the popularity of the Iron Man movies.
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This is a unisex name inspired by a female comic book character. Phoenix is an alias of Jean Grey, one of the 5 original X-Men. It is Greek for dark red and symbolizes rebirth and immortality.
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Raven is used by both Marvel and DC Comics. It's the real name of Mystique from the X-Men comics and a character from Teen Titans.
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Selina is the real name of Catwoman, one of the most well known female comic book characters of all time.
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Yet another color name on this list! Silver appears in the Marvel universe a couple of times for Silver Sable and Silver Fox. In DC Comics there is a Silver St. Cloud who is one of Batman's love interests who knows who he really is.
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I love how Talia sounds even if her character is complex and dark within the DC Comics universe where she has a love/hate relationship with Batman. It's a shortened form of Natalia that stands on its own as a first name.
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