29 Lovely Baby Names Inspired by Plant Life

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My husband and I have been eagerly waiting to get started on our garden. We live on a farm now, so we’ve got BIG plans for it — growing all kinds of veggies, herbs, fruits, and flowers. In honor of that, here are some of my favorite garden baby names. Check them out!

1. Abiliene

One of the many beautiful garden baby names for girls, meaning “grass” or “green-cover” in Hebrew.

2. Amir

I love this sweet boy’s name. Amir is Arabic for “treetop.”

3. Aster

A gender-neutral name derived from the aster flower.

4. Birch

I think this would be the COOLEST middle name for a boy!

5. Bogart

Unusual, maybe. This boy’s name means “orchard.”

6. Cedar

I have a friend whose son’s name is Cedar. Such a unique name and perfect for your little outdoorsman.

7. Cypress

Name your son or daughter after the cypress tree.

8. Daphne

How darling is this name? Daphne means “laurel.”

9. Eden

A beautiful name – for a girl or a boy!

10. Fern

A cute garden baby name for a little girl.

11. Flora

This is one of my most favorite garden baby names. It is Latin for “flower.”

12. Forest

A great first or middle name for your little boy!

13. Glenn

Glenn or Glen is a gender-friendly name.

14. Hazel

A bit old-fashioned, but a pretty name! I think it’d make a great middle name, too!

15. Hollis

Of Old English origin, this one means “near the holly.”

16. Huckleberry

Hands down, this is my husband’s favorite boy name!

17. Iris

Iris is one of the many pretty garden baby names!

18. Jardine

A French boy’s name meaning “garden.”

19. Lennox

This boy’s name is pretty hip, meaning “with many elm trees.”

20. Lily

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this! (Lily can also be spelled Lilly.)

21. Oak

My friend’s son’s name is Oakland, but he goes by Oak. I think it’s so unique!

22. Peony

A super-sweet baby girl’s name.

23. Plum

Named after a fruit, this would be so cute for a girl’s first or middle name.

24. Poppy

Name your little sweetums after this bright orange-red flower!

25. Posie

Another one of those adorable garden baby names for a baby girl.

26. Reed

Reed or Reid is becoming a popular boy’s name.

27. Rosie

Rose or Rosie is a classic girl’s name of every woman’s favorite flower.

28. Waverly

Waverly is technically a boy’s name, but I think it’d make a beautiful girl’s name too. It means “meadow.”

29. Willow

This name is on the verge of hippy territory, but it’s cute. It would make a sweet middle name, don’t you think?

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