9 Gorgeous Greek God Names

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Apollo, a strong yet fun-loving boy's name with a very "now" O-sound ending, has quite the namesake behind it. The Greek god who rocked this moniker was a handsome, multitasking machine as the god of music, healing, the sun, poetry and prophesies. More contemporary inspirations include Olympic speed skater Apolo Ohno, the well-known NASA program and Harlem's historical Apollo Theater.
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King of the gods, and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and fate, the original Zeus is a namesake any little boy will love. (Bonus, Zeus also makes appearances in the Marvel Comics Universe.) Its meaning, "living," is straightforward and compelling.
Nyx 3 of 9
Nyx was the Goddess of night, with a name that looks and sounds stylish for contemporary girls. Alternative—and equally interesting—spellings include Nix and Nixe. Short and punchy, Nyx sounds like a nickname but has a history all its own.
Thalassa 4 of 9
Thalassa is the primordial spirit of the sea—more specifically the Mediterranean. In Greek mythology, she's also Aphrodite's mother. With its beautiful, lilting sound, and additional designation as one of Neptune's moons, the name is spellbinding and mysterious. Cute potential nicknames include Thallie and Lassa.
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God of upper air and light, Aether embodies the air breathed by higher beings. He is also Nyx's son. As a boy's name, Aether is an uncommon alternative to suddenly-popular Asher.
Phoebe 6 of 9
Goddess of the moon and titan of intelligence, Phoebe is one of the more commonly used Greek names, probably because it makes Biblical, Shakespearean and Salinger appearances, too. Quite current along with the Sophie-Chloe-Zoey trend, but with a bit of a different flair, Phoebe, which ranked at #310 in 2011, means "radiant," or "shining."
Rhea 7 of 9
The titan of female fertility, Rhea is the mythological Greek Earth mother, and mom to Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia. (Talk about power families!) Pronounced Ree-ah, the name means "flowing," and is shared by a Welsh river, a South American bird, and Cheers actress Rhea Perlman. Alternate spellings include Ria and Rea.
Aura 8 of 9
Titan goddess of the breeze and early-morning air, Aura means "air," or "wind." Although the name today has a definite new-age feel—it's a word for an individual's surrounding energy—Aura potentially pairs very nicely with a straight-forward double name. Also a Finnish moniker, Aura is an unusual alternative to Laura.
Prometheus 9 of 9
Prometheus is something of a Greek God Robin Hood; he stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans. (He was also the creator of mankind.) Not a subtle mythological name, Prometheus means "forethought," and shortens to nickname Theus—cool and cute.
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