20 Invented Baby Names That Are Surprisingly Pretty Cool

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I’ll be the first to admit that “made up”, or invented baby names aren’t always a fan favorite — and it may be possible that they will elicit an eye roll or two from family and friends. But when you are looking for a baby name that is truly unique, it still might be the perfect place to start.

Thanks to the Internet, baby name inspiration is merely a click away — and after a while, it can start to feel like there really are no new names under the sun. Even in my own digging for “invented baby names” for inspiration, I came across a few that turned out to be actual names, despite how much they sounded made up (I’m looking at you Rhoswen and Fianna). I scoured parent chats on baby names across a variety of forums and was pretty pleased with some of the names I found. You’ll swear some of these aren’t invented baby names — but that’s what makes them so great! Perhaps you’ll find a gem or two to add to your list.

1. Saphine

This name stole my heart immediately. Pronounced “suh-feen,” as in the ending of Josephine, it is lovely and feminine and a fresh option for those who still love the more tried-and-true Sophie or Sophia.

2. Kyba

For those who love “K” names, perhaps Kyba would be a good fit. A more unique option than the similar-sounding Kobe or Kai.

3. Cambrie

When I searched for Cambrie, I could hardly believe it was one of those invented baby names, but it is. It feels a bit more spunky and spirited than the more often heard Cambria. I imagine Cambria to be very sophisticated and elegant, while Cambrie seems like a surprising spitfire.

4. Laiken

People will have likely heard the name Lake before, but Laiken is a bit more off the beaten path, as a more subtle approach to the nature name.

5. Nashton

I’ve known babies named Ash, Nash and Ashton… but never Nashton. Sounds like a pretty believable “real name.” But, really when you think of it, weren’t all names considered invented baby names at one point or another?

6. Vietta

A lovely name for a little girl. Has the sound of names like Violet and Vivienne, but with a slightly more exotic feel. This one is definitely on my favorites list.

7. Avalore

I’ll admit that this one was inspired by Disney. My oldest daughter (she’s five) is absolutely enamored with the show Elena of Avalor — so it only makes sense it would come to mind. It’s like the ever-popular Ava, but with a lovely twist.

8. Zabe

When it comes to inventing names, people really love using the letter Z, and this moniker is no exception. This one is a mash-up of Gabe and Zane and has a cool vibe to it. This would definitely make a great name for a little boy if you like names that are of the short-and-strong persuasion.

9. Lanabelle

This is the name you’d get if the names Lana and Belle/Bella had name baby. It’s a fun, sweet option for a little girl.

10. Amerie

If you like the name Amelie, you might really like the name Amerie. It conjures the word “amor” (“love” in Spanish), which is an added bonus, because who doesn’t think of “love” when they think of their sweet baby?

11. Shanley

This name feels wholly “real” and yet still so new and unexpected. While the name Shannon may feel dated, this has an entirely different feel. It might be a great option for someone having a baby girl and wishing to honor someone named Stanley, but with a more feminine variation of the name.

12. Zabryn

Sometimes all it takes is adding a Z to a tried-and-true name (Bryn) to turn it into something super fresh. This name could work for a boy or a girl, but how great would it be for a little girl? It has cool girl written all over it.

13. Hux

We all know a Huck or two, but what about Hux? It puts out similar cool kid vibes in the same vein as names like Nixon or Jax, but feels a bit more unique. Love this one!

14. Karinda

Why is it that K names always have such a cool feel to them? This is a variation of the name Karina and it’s quite pretty.

15. Saren

For those who love the name Sarah, but are looking for an alternative with a similar (but more unique) feel, Saren could be a great choice. The great part is that it doesn’t feel made up at all!

16. Avonlea

This name may have a familiar feel to it, but that’s because it is the name of the fictional Canadian town in the novel Anne of Green Gables. If you grew up as a fan of Anne-with-an-E like I did, perhaps this would be a nice nod to that precocious redhead we all loved.

17. Grimsby

I had to double-check this name a few times before I truly believed it was an invented name. Perhaps the fact that it’s reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm? Not sure, but either way, I like the way this sounds as a little boy’s name.

18. Maeby

Fans of the show Arrested Development will recognize this one right away. It is the name of one of the shows much-loved characters — Maeby Fünke. Even though it might seem like a strange name because it’s basically the word “maybe” with a different spelling, it somehow works. The spelling also lends itself to the nickname Mae, which is pretty adorable too and a nice alternative in case your child ever tires of the full name.

19. Zephraim

Another Z name option for those who have their hearts set on the letter. Ephraim with a “Z” really does have quite a nice ring to it!

20. Revvie

While the name Remi/Remy is still lovely and far off the beaten path, if you’re looking to explore the outer limits just a bit more, then Revvie just might be your cup of tea.

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