Mexican Girl Names You’re Bound to Fall in Love With

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Mexican baby names have a way of sounding beautiful, romantic, and rolling off the tongue with ease. And Mexican girl names are particularly gorgeous. Whether you’re looking for a name to honor your own heritage yourself, or have always loved the unique beauty of Mexican names, the options are truly endless.

This eclectic list of Mexican girl names includes a mix of tried-and-true classics and others that are just slightly off the beaten path. Scroll through for a name that rings true to your heart.


Origin: Latin; Meaning: dark.

The name Adriana (pronounced ah-dree-AH-nah) is pretty popular in Mexico, as well as within the U.S. And plenty of famous Adrianas bore the name, too — from the beautiful telenovela star Adriana Fonseca to model and actress Adriana Lima.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: lioness of God.

The name Ariela (pronounced ah-ree-EL-ah) is honestly too beautiful to ignore. It’s also the feminine version of Ariel, an angel in Christian mysticism.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: song.

Carmen is also the Latin root of the English word “charm,” and another very popular female name in Mexico. There are plenty of famous Carmens that spring to mind when thinking of the name, though some are quirkier than others (think Carmen Electra — or, if you’re an ’80s or ’90s kid, the fictitious-yet-legendary Carmen Sandiego!).


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: variant of Catherine

The ultra-feminine name Catalina is a Spanish form of the name Catherine, one of the first Christian saints. Americans might also think of Catalina Island, off the southern California coast. Either way, it’s a beautiful name.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: emerald

This adorable nickname for Esmerelda also sounds beautiful on its own, and aside from Mexico, Esme (pronounced EZ-may) is gaining popularity in the U.K.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: star

The name Estrella (pronounced es-STRAY-ah) — sometimes confused with Estella, which bares the same meaning — sounds just as beautiful as its Spanish meaning, “star.” With its wonderful rhythm, it could also be a gorgeous middle name.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: free one

As the feminine version of Francisco, the name Francisca (pronounced fran-SIS-kah) also means “from France” in addition to “free one.” Nickname her Frankie as a cute twist!


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: variant of Helen

Iliana is another beautiful name, and the stunning Mexican actress Iliana Fox definitely does it justice. In fact, this name is also a variation of Helen — most famously known as the mythological beauty, Helen of Troy.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: virginal

Also spelled Ines, this name is a Spanish version of the name Agnes, a Christian saint. And while there have been plenty of other noteworthy women named Inez throughout history, it was recently brought back in vogue when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively named their daughter Ines with an s in 2017.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: hyacinth

If you love the idea of a floral name, consider Jacinta (pronounced ha-SEEN-tah) — in addition to “hyacinth,” it also means “purple,” and has a lovely feminine ring to it.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: pure

You’ll find the name Katia (pronounced KAH-tee-ah) in a few different languages (particularly Russian), but it’s also beautiful in Spanish and has been somewhat popular in Mexico (although maybe less now due to the hurricane!). It’s also a variation of Katherine.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: well-spoken, talkative

A rather unusual but pretty name, Lalia (pronounced LAH-lee-ah) can also be spelled Lalla (and pronounced LAH-ya), and is a unique alternative to the name Layla.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: the queen

Talk about a regal name for your little queen. Lareina literally stems from the words “la reina,” meaning “the queen,” and the name certainly befits a very special little girl.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: light

Both a feminine first name and a surname, Luz (pronounced LOOS) is said to be derived from “Nuestra Señora de la Luz,” or, “Our Lady of Light” — a Roman Catholic descriptor for the Virgin Mary.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: lovable

People may remember this as the name of the singer Prince’s first wife, even though she spelled it differently (Mayte). But no matter how it’s spelled, the name Maite (pronounced MY-tay)is not easily forgotten.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: bitter sun

Marisol (pronounced mah-ree-SOL) is a shortened form of María de la Soledad (“Mary of Solitude”), a title given to the Virgin Mary. You could use it as an alternative to the more popular Latin name Marissa (or, more commonly in Spanish, Marisa).


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: wonderful

This is a pretty unique name in Spanish, yet there have been more babies named Mireya in the 2000s than in years before — so jump on this one while it’s still somewhat under the radar! Mireya is also easily nicknamed as Reya or Mira. Pronounced mee-RAY-ah by non-Spanish speakers — or, closer to the Spanish version would be mee-DAY-ah.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: little Sarah

Sarita is an adorable name, especially if you have a Sarah in the family who you want to honor. Meaning “little Sarah,” the name is still beautiful in its own right. Pronounced sah-REE-tah for non-Spanish speakers; closer to sah-DEE-tah in Spanish.


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: help

Socorro is often nicknamed “Coco,” which is just too cute. Like many other feminine names in Mexico, Socorro is also derived from Christianity, specifically “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” (i.e., Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro). Pronounced soh-COR-oh (but roll the “r”).


Origin: Spanish; Meaning: violet

Another popular girls’ name in Mexico, Yolanda is often affectionately nicknamed “Yo” — so no one can say it’s lacking in personality!

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