Middle Names for Girls That Suit Just About Any Style

What’s in a (middle) name? Well, when choosing middle names for girls (or boys, for that matter), there are quite a few things to consider.

Traditionally, parents use a baby’s middle name to honor significant people in their lives. However, some try to pick middle names with meanings taken from virtues or seasons, while others might choose one that sounds good phonetically with the baby’s first and last name.

Whatever your reasoning, here are 17 options to help you find the perfect option for you and your baby girl!


When determining how a middle name will sound, you can search based on how many syllables it has. Here are a few options to consider with one, two, and three syllables.

One syllable:


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: grace.

This short and sweet name makes for one of the most versatile middle names for girls.


Origin: English; Meaning: a meadow or forest clearing.

Lighthearted and fresh, this one-syllable middle name is another superb option.

Two syllables:


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: one who is loved.

This lovely middle name for a girl will surely “Brighton” things up!


Origin: Irish; Meaning: peace.

Having a vowel as the first letter makes this middle name flow peacefully.

Three syllables:


Origin: Latin; Meaning: conqueror.

If it was good enough for Shakespeare, it’s good enough for us! You might recognize this name as the protagonist in Twelfth Night, and the modern movie adaptation, She’s the Man.


Origin: English; derived from the flower, lily, symbolizing innocence.

This middle name is as pretty as the flower from which it gets its meaning.


Another way to determine if these middle names are right for your little girl is to consider the meaning behind the name. For example, you can give your baby girl a “virtue name,” which represents a quality you hope your child will embody.

Virtue Names:


Origin: English; Meaning: joyous.

Give your baby her first taste of joy by putting it right in her name!


Origin: English; Meaning: the feeling that a desire will be fulfilled.

Bestow the virtue of hope on your baby girl with this tried-and-true name. Originating with the Puritans, this name as been in the top 1,000 for every year (save one) since 1880.


To give your baby a significant middle name, you can also look to specific seasons or times of day that you wish to represent.

Seasonal Names:


Origin: English; Meaning: daylight/daybreak.

If your baby was born in the morning, it might be a nice idea to give your girl a name that commemorates that moment.


Origin: Latin; Meaning: moon.

If you’d like the meaning of your baby’s middle name to relate to nighttime, this is a way to represent that. Plus, it’s also the name of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter … and that’s just cool.


Origin: English; Meaning: summer.

Perfect for a summer baby!


Origin: Latin; Meaning: young.

Giving your baby a middle name that represents a significant month in your life is also a fun idea.


If you choose to honor a relative or significant person in your life, here are some traditional middle names for girls to help you get started:

Traditional Names:


Origin: French; Meaning: free man or petite.

This name dates back to the 14th century and is fit for royalty! Quite literally — it’s the name of Prince William and Princess Kate’s daughter.


Origin: Greek; Meaning: pure.

This Greek spelling dates back all the way to the 4th century and is sure to be a classic for many years to come.


Origin: English; Meaning: gift of God.

We can’t help but think of the famous Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz!


Origin: Greek; Meaning: “My God is an oath.”

Elizabeth was featured in the Old Testament as the mother of John the Baptist. Also, one of the earliest bearers of this name was Queen Elizabeth.


Origin: French; Meaning: noble.

With a middle name like this, we hope your baby will have just as many adventures as Alice in Wonderland.

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