Nicknames That Also Work Well as Full First Names

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While looking for baby names, I remember falling in love with quite a few nicknames, only to realize that I couldn’t stand their more formal version and felt like I needed to nix the name because of it.

Perhaps some of you have felt the same? Maybe you fell in love with the name “Minnie” but weren’t so keen on its full-length version, which is the dated-sounding “Minerva.” Well, I’d like to think that sometimes nicknames make the best first names. Here are some nicknames that stand quite well on their own.


I love the name Abe. It’s a shortened version of Abraham or possibly even Abeline.


This one isn’t a terribly uncommon nickname version of Adeline, Addison, Hadley, and Madeline, but I’m still quite fond of it.


Aggie is a cute nickname for Agatha, Agnes, August, or Augustus.


I love the name Bea (or Bee) all on its own, although it’s actually a nickname for Beatrice, Beatrix, or Phoebe, to name a few.


Becks is a fun nickname for Beckett, Beckham, or even Rebecca.


Bert is a nickname derived from Robert, Hubert, Albert, Gilbert or Burton … and quite a few others as well!


Billie is a nickname of William, Wilhelmina, or maybe even Elizabeth.


Charlie is an adorable nickname that Charlotte or Charles can claim, but I like it by itself too.


Corinne, Colette, Cordelia, and Chloe can all be turned into Coco as their nickname.


Dot is a spunky shortening of Dorothy, Dorthea, or Theodora.


Edie is a lovely name, and is a nickname for Edith, Eden, or Elodie.


Elias, Elijah, and Elliott are all great names, but Eli is just as great in its short and sweet way.


Ellie is the adorable nickname belonging to these names, just to name a few: Eloise, Elisabeth, Elisa, Ella, and Ellen.


Evangeline, Genevieve, Everly, Evelyn are all long options for Evie.


Fiona, Phoebe, or Felix are all cute names, but I think just “Fi” is equally endearing.


Finn is a much-beloved nickname for Finnegan, Finley, or even Phineas. It’s a tried-and-true classic.


Fitz (short for Fitzgerald) sounds so fun and cheeky for a little man.


While Frankie may sound like a nickname for a little boy, perhaps short for Franklin, I much prefer it for a little girl – perhaps a nod to its longer form of Francesca, Francis, or Francine.


Gianna, Gillian, Ginger, Giselle are just a few of the longer versions of Gigi.


This nickname for Henry sounds super old school and modern all at the same time, and I kind of love it.


Short for Julia, Juliet, Julian or quite a few others, I’ve always been partial to the nickname Jules.


While its long version, Mackenzie, has already had its heyday in popularity, Kenzie feels new and unexpected.


Louise, Eloise, Lucy … or just Lulu, which is super cute.


Margaret, Marjorie, and Magdalena are all a bit more traditional sounding, but their nickname Maggie sounds fresh and fun.


Millicent, Mildred, Amelia, Camilla are all lengthened versions of the adorable nickname Millie.


This is traditionally a nickname for Minerva, but I think it could work as a nickname for Emmaline as well. Minnie is a fun name by itself, though.


Penny is a nickname for Penelope (or possibly Peony, but that may be a bit of a stretch). It’s such a cute name for a little girl!


While I may not be a huge fan of the long versions of this name (Prudence or Prunella), I think Pru is quite lovely.


A nickname version of Quentin, Quinlann, or Quincy.


Remy is a nickname for Remington, and while I don’t know of any other long versions of it, I think it’s a great stand alone baby name option.

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