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    1: Hunter

     Hunter Origin: English; Meaning: hunter, pursuer
    Even if you’re from a family of peace-loving vegetarians, Hunter is a great name for a baby you hope will pursue his dreams — think of the journalist Hunter S. Thompson of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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    2: Cooper

    Occupational Baby Names: CooperOrigin: Old English; Meaning: barrel maker
    TGIF! Parents who grew up in the ‘90s may associate this occupational name meaning “barrel maker” with television’s Hanging with Mr. Cooper, but the name has seen a recent uptick as a first — and not last — name.

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    3: Carver

    Occupational Baby Names: CarverOrigin: Old English; Meaning: One who carves wood
    Envisioning a crafty future for your tot? Perhaps Carver is the perfect fit: it’s nickname-free (would Carve really catch on?). It also brings to mind noted scientist and educator George Washington Carver.

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    4: Fisher

    Occupational Baby Names: FisherOrigin: Old English; Meaning: fisherman
    Hoping your boy becomes a great catch? Even if you live in a landlocked state, Fisher is a great name riding the wave of the last-names-becoming-first-names trend.

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    5: Ward

    Occupational Baby Names: WardOrigin: Old English; Meaning: watchman
    A variant of the more-traditional Howard, Ward could be a nice pick if you hope your son will keep a watchful eye on younger siblings. This name also brings to mind singer M. Ward, of musical duo She & Him, so there’s some indie credit too.

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    6: Booker

    Occupational Baby Names: BookerOrigin: Old English; Meaning: scribe, binder of books, bleacher of cloth
    If you’d like your son to hit the books more than he hits a baseball, this name meaning “scribe” or “binder of books” could be a great addition for a well-read family. It could also be used as a nod to American political leader Booker T. Washington.

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    7: Chandler

    Occupational Baby Names: ChandlerOrigin: Middle English and French; Meaning: candle maker and seller
    If you think you won’t be able to say this name without wanting to hum the Friends theme song, give this name another listen. It dates back to before the 16th century and means “candle maker,” giving it an older charm.

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    8: Dexter (dyer)

    Occupational Baby Names: Dexter (dyer)Origin: Latin and Old English; Meaning: right-handed, dyer
    This name has been in the spotlight for a number of years, thanks to the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory and the serial-killer drama Dexter. Perhaps this name will give your child an inclination towards working in the TV business, but more traditionally, this name meant “cloth dyer.”

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    9: Porter

    Occupational Baby Names: PorterOrigin: English and French; Meaning: gatekeeper, carrier
    Perhaps young Porter will be helpful in toting his toys around? This name was originally given to people who earned a living carrying goods. If you’re looking for a similar-sounding yet slightly different name, try the unisex Parker or boyish Preston.

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    10: Ryder

    Occupational Baby Names: RyderOrigin: English; Meaning: horseman, rider
    If you spend a lot of time at the ranch, Ryder (or alternative spelling Rider) could be a great fit for a future cowboy. This could also be a nice homage to 26th U.S. president Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Rider cavalry that was founded in 1898 during the Spanish-American War — or Kate Hudson’s little guy, Ryder Russell Robinson.

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    11: Stuart

    Occupational Baby Names: StuartOrigin: Old English; Meaning: steward
    The name Stuart has an impressive pedigree: it has links back to the royal house of Scotland and a family of English kings during the 18th century. And how could we forget E.B. White’s classic character Stuart Little? This name was popular in the U.S. around the ‘30s and ‘40s and has since declined in popularity. Could problem child Stewie from the popular cartoon Family Guy be the cause?

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    12: Thatcher

    Occupational Baby Names: ThatcherOrigin: Old English; Meaning: roof thatcher
    When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Thatcher — meaning roof thatcher — probably won’t be a popular answer these days. However, it does make for a great name that comes with an adorably shortened version: Thatch!

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    13: Fletcher

    Occupational Baby Names: FletcherOrigin: French; Meaning: arrow maker
    Want a less-obvious occupational name? Fletcher derives from the French word for “arrow maker.” A good name if you want your kid to be a sharpshooter — either on the archery range or off.

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    14: Carter

    Occupational Baby Names: CarterOrigin: English; Meaning: cart driver, goods transporter
    Take this classic name for a spin: it means both “cart driver” and “transporter of goods.” Carter may be more well-known as a famed last name: think of the 39th U.S. president Jimmy Carter — or the ear-wormy tunes of brothers Nick and Aaron.

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    15: Potter

    Occupational Baby Names: PotterOrigin: English; Meaning: maker of pots
    This name might immediately remind fantasy fans of a certain lit-world wizard, but naming your child Potter won’t immediately place a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead — just tell everyone you’re hoping for some custom, fire-glazed dishware once he graduates art school.

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    16: Travis

    Occupational Baby Names: TravisOrigin: Old French; Meaning: gatekeeper, toll collector
    Though not an obvious occupational name, Travis derives from the French traverser, meaning “to cross over.” If he’s not inspired by the gatekeeper origins of his name, maybe baby Travis will aspire to be as noteworthy — and tattooed — as Blink 182 drummer, Travis Barker.

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    17: Marshall

    Occupational Baby Names: MarshallOrigin: Old French; Meaning: caretaker of horses, one in law enforcement
    Marshall has several occupational ties: historically the name has meant caretaker of horses, as well as a law enforcement and high-ranking military title. Regardless of the path young Marshall ends up picking, we’re sure he’ll be career-minded from the start.

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    18: Sawyer

    Occupational Baby Names: SawyerOrigin: Middle English; Meaning: wood-worker

    Want to describe a child who’s a chip off the old (wooden) block? Sawyer could evoke a fun-loving, somewhat wild personality for fans of the characters from LOST or Mark Twain novels.
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    19: Usher

    Occupational Baby Names: UsherOrigin: Latin; Meaning: river mouth, doorkeeper
    If baby Usher wants to hear his name, all he has to do is tune into a top 40 radio station playing the hits of musician and singer Usher Raymond, who made the moniker instantly recognizable. Historically, Usher has also meant doorkeeper — or the friendly film buff that directs you to your seat in the movie theater.

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    20: Smith

    Occupational Baby Names: SmithOrigin: Old English; Meaning: blacksmith
    One of the most common last names in America, Smith can sound fresh and interesting when it leads instead of follows. The name has long been used as a suffix for one who works with metal, so perhaps parents of little Smith can expect some creative Mother’s and Father’s day gifts in their future.

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    21: Tanner

    Occupational Baby Names: TannerOrigin: Old English; Meaning: hide tanner or leather maker
    While in English, this name refers to the occupation of tanning animal hides to make leather, this also has German and Finnish origins, meaning either “forest,” or “open field,” respectively. For us, it conjures up the family from the ‘90s primetime hit Full House.

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    22: Harper

    Occupational Baby Names: HarperOrigin: Old English; Meaning: harpist, minstrel
    A name that’s music to our ears! This is one for parents who hope for a creative child: this name evokes classical harpists, author Harper Lee, who penned the much-loved book To Kill A Mockingbird, and David Beckham and Posh’s newest baby girl.

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    23: Piper

    Occupational Baby Names: PiperOrigin: Old English; Meaning: pipe player
    Hoping to sign your tot up for the marching band come high school? Piper is a great pick for a would-be flutist — or a girl who prefers to lead where others follow.

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    24: Sailor

    Occupational Baby Names: SailorOrigin: American; Meaning: boat man
    Anchors away! Sailor is the perfect name for a nautical-loving family, even if the only boats you own are made to weather the high waters of bath time. This — or alternate spelling Saylor — are great picks for an adventurous personality: actress Christie Brinkley liked this name so much she gave it to her youngest daughter in 1998.

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    25: Paige

    Occupational Baby Names: PaigeOrigin: English; Meaning: young servant (first step in training before becoming a knight)
    Perhaps parents who name their daughter Paige hope for a docile child — this name used to refer to a page or servant. Just make sure you’ve got an uncommon last initial or middle name to pair with Paige, as this name has made the US top 100 baby names list for over 20 years!

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    26: Bailey

    Occupational Baby Names: BaileyOrigin: Old English; Meaning: a bailiff or warden
    This name sounds sweet but has tough foundations, as it can refer to a court bailiff or an outer wall of a castle. For parents who love unique spellings, this is a great choice: Bailee, Baileigh, Bailley, Baylee, and Bayley are all options.

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    27: Fallon

    Occupational Baby Names: FallonOrigin: Irish and Gaelic or English; Meaning: descended from a ruler, textile worker
    A less-obvious choice for parents with high-fashion aspirations for their little one, this name was once an occupational last name meaning textile worker.

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    28: Parker

    Occupational Baby Names: ParkerOrigin: Old English; Meaning: park keeper
    Hope your baby will love the outdoors? Perhaps Parker, meaning park keeper, is the right fit. Actress Parker Posey has helped familiarize this name, so it’s uncommon without being too far-out sounding. Though we have it on the girl’s list, this name would also work for a little boy.

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    29: Deanna

    Occupational Baby Names: DeannaOrigin: Old English; Meaning: valley, church leader
    A girly variant of Dean, this name was used to refer to a leader of a church. Even if your family doesn’t belong to one, this moniker could signal strong leadership skills in your daughter’s future.

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    30: Fabrizia

    Occupational Baby Names: FabriziaOrigin: Italian; Meaning: works with the hands
    We’re guessing little Fabrizia will excel in arts and crafts: this Italian name means “works with the hands.” Even if she can’t work her way around a pair of safety scissors, we still love this elegant name.

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    31: Queen

    Occupational Baby Names: QueenOrigin: English; Meaning: queen
    While “Queen” may not be the easiest title to live up to, it certainly adds a regal air to a baby, doesn’t it? Parents who like the uncommon first initial Q can also try Quinn.

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    32: Regina (also means Queen)

    Occupational Baby Names: ReginaOrigin: Latin, Spanish; Meaning: queen
    Another great pick for royal-family followers, Regina is a less-obvious moniker with royal roots: aside from meaning “queen,” Victoria of England, who reigned in the mid-19th century, often went by Victoria Regina.

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    33: Starr

    Occupational Baby Names: StarrOrigin: Middle English; Meaning: Star
    Baby, you’re a Starr! Whether you’re a big fan of Ringo’s tunes or want your baby’s ambition to be sky-high, Starr is a great choice. For a less-obvious approach, try Stella, which means “star” in Latin.

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    33: Donna

    Occupational Baby Names: DonnaOrigin: Italian; Meaning: lady, lady of the home
    Similar to Don for boys, this name is a title of respect that’s been used as a first name since the ‘20s. It's great for a girl you hope becomes a crafty, domestic goddess — or a singer like Donna Summer and Madonna.

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    35: Scout

    Occupational Baby Names: ScoutOrigin: Old French; Meaning: to listen, one who gathers information quietly
    Another unique name made famous by To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is a great choice for a family who hopes their daughter will love the great outdoors — or just hook them up with some Samoa and Tagalong cookies. The name has celebrity ties, too: Scout Willis is Bruce and Demi’s daughter.

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    36: Skylar

    Occupational Baby Names: SkylarOrigin: Dutch; Meaning: fugitive, scholar
    Little Skylar could turn into a rebel or a straight-A student, as this name both has roots meaning “fugitive” or “scholar.” Either way, we think it’s a great pick for parents who like unisex names.

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    37: Gypsy

    Occupational Baby Names: GypsyOrigin: English; Meaning: Wanderer
    J. R. R. Tolkien famously wrote, “not all who wander are lost,” and the famous namesakes for baby Gypsy prove it. Take Gypsy Rose Lee, an iconic singer and burlesque dancer from the ‘30s to the ‘50s, or Gypsy Abbott, a noted American silent film actress.

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    38: Carey

    Occupational Baby Names: CareyOrigin: Gaelic, Latin; Meaning: beloved, one who moved goods
    You’ll know you named your kid correctly when you see her hauling her toys from one side of her room to the other, as this name meaning “beloved” could also refer to a carrier of goods. This could be a pet form of Ceridwen, Caroline, or a derivative of Carrie.

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    39: Poet

    Occupational Baby Names: PoetOrigin: American; Meaning: poet
    The perfect baby name if you love reading rhyming stories to your little one. It seems that Poet hasn’t scratched any top 100 lists, making this a unique, artistic name — it’s also the name of actress Soleil Moon Frye’s daughter.

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    40: Mason

    Occupational Baby Names: MasonOrigin: English; Meaning: one who works with stone
    Want your baby girl to have a strong foundation? Try the unisex Mason, which also means “stonelayer.” If you’re not a fan of the traditional spelling, try Maison (which also means “house” in French) or Maysen.

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