34 “Little Old Man” Baby Names That Will Melt Your Heart

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Old fashioned baby names are kind of a thing in my family. My daughters are Ingrid and Adair. I have nieces named Cora, Olive, Mary, Hilda, and Lucille. Some still find these old fashioned gems a little bit strange, but these names are actually on the rise! My husband and I hope to have more babies in the future, and I can’t help but brainstorm name possibilities. Of course, I love girly names like Margot and Winifred, but I L-O-V-E all of the options for little boys, too! Names like Gus and Oliver are so adorable.

What do you think? Are these old fashioned names just a little too bizarre for your liking, or do you find yourself loving these “little old man” names?

1. Albert

Will your little one be the next Einstein? He can go by Al or Bert for short!

2. Amos

Amos is a biblical name and means “carried by God.”

3. Arlo

This name is of Spanish origin. Even though it’s old-fashioned, it has a modern feel to it!

4. Arthur

Arthur is a Celtic name that means “bear.” Will your baby be a little Art or Artie?

5. Bernard

Bernard is a German name that means “strong as a bear.”

6. Calvin

Calvin is a Latin historical name. You might find it funny that it means “hairless” or “bald!”

7. Charles

This name is an oldie but goodie! Charles (Charlie or Chuck) means “free man.”

8. Chester

Chester is Latin and means “fortress.”

9. Clarence

Clarence is Latin and means “bright.” (Can’t you picture a sweet little Clarence with dress shoes and a bow tie?!)

10. Earl

Earl is an English name, with noble ties.

11. Earnest

Earnest (also spelled Ernest) means “serious” or “resolute.”

12. Felix

Felix is another old-fashioned name with a modern flair. It’s Latin and means “happy” or “fortunate.”

13. Finley

Finley can be both a boy’s and girl’s name. It’s Scottish for “fair-haired hero.”

14. Fletcher

Fletcher is an English name that means “arrow-maker.”

15. Frank

Frank is a French name that means “free man.”

16. George

George is an old Greek name that means “farmer.”

17. Gus

Gus is Gaelic for “one strength.” (I always think of the chubby little mouse from Cinderella!)

18. Harry

Harry comes from the name Henry and means “estate ruler.”

19. Harvey

Harvey is French and means “battle worthy.” (Harvey Dent, anyone?)

20. Henry

Henry is an old-fashioned German name. (Some parents choose Huck as a nickname for Henry!)

21. Homer

Homer is Greek for “security.” (Are you into mythology or adventure? What a perfect name!)

22. Julian

Julian is a variation of Julius and means “youthful.”

23. Leonard

Leonard is an old German name that means “brave lion.” Shorten Leonard to Leo or Lenny!

24. Louis

Louis dates back LONG ago and means “renowned warrior.”

25. Max

Max is still a popular name, coming from Maximus or Maximillian. It means “the greatest.”

26. Norman

Norman is an English name for “norseman.” Shorten it to Norm!

27. Oliver

Oliver is becoming more and more popular. It’s Latin and means “olive tree.”

28. Oscar

Oscar (despite its grouchy stereotype) means “champion warrior.”

29. Otis

Otis is a German name that means “wealthy.” (Milo and Otis, anyone?)

30. Percy

The name Percy comes from France. (The dog in Disney’s Pocahontas was named Percy!)

31. Phinneas

Phinneas is a Hebrew name and means “oracle.”

32. Ralph

Ralph (or Ralphie) means “wolf-counsel.”

33. Theodore

Theodore (or Theo) is Greek and means “gift of God.”

34. Wallace

Wallace is an English name that means “Welshman.”

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