30 “Little Old Lady Names” for Baby Girls

little old lady baby name
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It is a running joke amongst my friends with little girls that in a few years our kids are going to be the “Little Old Lady Brigade” since it seems like all of them have names that have come back around from an older generation. I can just imagine the cuteness of Fern and Evelyn and Pearl all running into the little old lady versions of themselves at the park one day. Here are a few of my favorite little old lady names for little young ladies.

1. Agnes

2. Beatrice

3. Betty

4. Blanche

5. Cordelia

6. Dorthea

7. Edith

8. Eleanor

9. Esther

10. Evelyn

11. Fay

12. Florence

13. Frances

14. Hazel

15. Imogen

16. Iris

17. Josephine

18. Lilian

19. Mabel

20. Marguerite

21. May

22. Millie

23. Minnie

24. Opal

25. Pearl

26. Penelope

27. Rose

28. Ruby

29. Ruth

30. Vivian

Did you (or would you?) give your little girl a “little old lady name”?

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