Strong One-Syllable Names for Boys

Before finding out I was pregnant with a little boy, I was never all that interested in boy’s names. My list of potential girl’s names was quite lengthy, but the boy’s names definitely made up a pretty short list. Since hunting for a boy’s name our son, however, I’ve realized just how great little boy’s names can be.

That said, some of my favorites are those of the strong one-syllable persuasion. Here’s a list of some of my favorites…


I know that Abe is technically a nickname for Abraham, but I think it’s fantastic as a stand-alone. I actually considered it for our little one, but I have a friend who also loves the name and I wouldn’t want to steal it.


I’m a sucker for animal/nature names and Bear fits the bill quite nicely.


This is a name of French origin, meaning “handsome.” LOVE!


This name offers a subtle nod to nature with its meaning: “One living beside a small stream.” It just sounds cool and effortless.


A variation on Brook. It’s still one-syllable, but the addition of the “s” gives it a more modern and unique feel.


Many have heard of the name Caden, but there are definitely fewer Cades out there. I really like this one.


Not to be confused with the vegetable kale, this is a diminutive of the name Caleb, but way more modern.


Case is an unconventional word name that’s definitely off the beaten path.


Cash is a shortened version of the name Cassius and possibly a nod to the king of cool: Johnny Cash.


This is a name we seriously considered. Clark was the maiden name of my husband’s grandmother and I really like it. It’s classic and dapper and such a “man name.”


I really liked the name Copeland for a while, and Cope would’ve been our nickname of choice. It’s pretty great on its own too though.


Cruz is a nice one-syllable option, especially for those looking for a name with Spanish roots.


This name is a great option for those who like Jack, but are looking for something a little more unique.


I loved this name for quite some time, but it just never felt right for our little guy. I’m still a fan though.


I used this in a previous baby names post about “last names as first names,” and I’ve really liked it ever since.


This name has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years, and it’s both cute and strong at the same time.


Jack is the classic strong, one-syllable name choice for boys.


You can’t go wrong with a classic choice like James.


Can you tell I’m a big fan of using last names as first names?


I really loved this name, but my husband said the “Hey Jude” jokes might get old.


This one’s short for Lincoln, but it’s definitely cute on its own as well.


This just sounds like a guy you’d want to be friends with!


I’ve never met anyone named Oakes before, but I really think it’s a fantastic and unusual option – especially for someone looking for a nature-inspired name.


Penn is a last name as a first, and less common than some of the others. Penn is truly one of my favorites, but I could never sell my husband on it.


With its old southern charm, this name is definitely swoon-worthy for a little man.


This is one of the more common last name options. Just sounds like the name of a cool kid, right?


Stone is a strong and steely option for a little boy.


If I wasn’t already using a one-syllable first name, I might consider this as a middle name. It’s a nice nod to Mr. Mark Twain as well for lit fans.


I love place names, but this one is a little less obvious than Brooklyn or London. Plus, what little boy wouldn’t think it was cool to have a name synonymous with the wild west?


This is a fantastic animal name if you’re on the hunt for one, but even if you’re not – this name is definitely becoming a little more mainstream as of late, but still definitely unique.

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