38 Cute Palindrome Baby Names

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Do you remember popular palindromes from your childhood? (If it’s slipped your mind, a palindrome is a word or phrase that can be spelled the same way forward or backward).

My favorite was always: “A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.”

I also have a soft spot for “racecar.”

Of course, plenty of baby names are palindromes too. Some of the names on this list are very popular, while others are more unique. You’ll notice that there are a lot of “a” names on this list, and many of them are pretty short (3-4 letters). Check them out!

1. Ava

I’m simply obsessed with this classic name.

2. Pip

I love this sweet name (boy or girl!). It reminds me of Pip from Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

3. Ivi

Swapping out the “y” for an “i” makes the more common “Ivy” into a palindrome.

4. Otto

This name lost popularity in the mid-seventies, but has started making a comeback since 2011.

5. Elle

This name is so feminine and classic.

6. Noon

This sunny name is pretty for a girl or boy.

7. Nolon

This spelling of the more common “Nolan” makes it into a palindrome.

8. Hannah

This is the second most popular name on this list, coming in behind Ava.

9. Nirin

Add an “a” to the end of this boy’s name and you’ve got a lovely girl name (although no longer a palindrome).

10. Neven

Pronounced either “NEEven” or “Neven” (rhymes with “seven”).

11. Nen

An Egyptian name meaning “ancient waters.”

12. Nayan

A shortened version of “Nayana.”

13. Navan

A girl’s name meaning “beautiful.”

14. Nan

This form of Anna is a Hebrew name meaning “gracious.”

15. Lil

A shortened version of Lily or Lilian is spunky and fun.

16. Layal

This name, with close ties to the word “loyal,” is perfect for a girl.

17. Ramar

This is a fairly uncommon name, but has a strong masculine vibe.

18. Izzi

I love a name with double letters, but you don’t see lots of names with double “z”s!

19. Halah

Means “halo.”

20. Eve

This Biblical name continues to be popular today.

21. Emme

A modern variation of Emma, this is one of my favorite names on this list.

22. Eme

Or, drop down to one “m.”

23. Anna

Another classic I’d definitely consider for my little one.

24. Ege

This boy’s name is a little edgy, in a good way.

25. Bob

Short for Robert, Bob was in the top 200 names for most of the 1960s

26. Azza

This Arabic name means “Roe of Spring.”

27. Arora

A different spelling of the famous Sleeping Beauty’s name.

28. Ara

I love this simple English name.

29. Anina

This city in Romania makes a beautiful name.

30. Ana

This name is shooting up the rankings.

31. Alla

This name, popular at the turn of the 20th century, is a pretty alternative to Ella.

32. Alala

In Greek mythology, Alala is the female personification of the war cry.

33. Ailia

This Greek name means “light.”

34. Aidia

A Spanish name meaning “help.”

35. Viv

This hip version of the most old-fashioned Vivian is one of my favorites.

36. Ada

This name, like many old-fashioned ones, is quickly regaining popularity.

37. Siris

Means “Strength in Courage.”

38. Renner

This one makes a good male or female name.

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