30 Ramadan-Inspired Baby Names with Wonderful Meanings

Ramadan-Inspired Baby Names
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Ramadan is the most significant month of the year for many Muslims worldwide.

What makes Ramadan so special is that it is the month that the Holy Qur’an, or the Muslim Holy Book, was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Angel Gabriel.

During this month, Muslims all over the world fast from dawn until dusk to achieve a higher level of God consciousness. Acts of charity, increased prayer and supplications, repentance, and forgiveness of others take place. Children and pregnant or nursing women are exempt from the mandatory fasting but are encouraged to participate in the previously stated acts.

When thinking about naming your child, here are 30 Ramadan-inspired baby names options to potentially choose from.

1. Ramadan

Meaning: Ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar; month of fasting.

Pronunciation: Ra-ma-don

2. Hilal

Meaning: New crescent moon

Pronunciation: He-laal

3. Gabriel

Meaning: The angel through whom God revealed His words to God’s prophets.

Pronunciation: In Arabic, it’s “Jibreel”. Jib-reel

4. Salam

Meaning: Peace

Pronunciation: Sa-lamb

5. Muhammad

Meaning: Praiseworthy. The final Prophet in Islam.

Pronunciation: Mu-Ham-mad

6. Khadija

Meaning: Born early; Wife of the Prophet Muhammad, first to believe in the revelation.

Pronunciation: Kha-de-jah

7. Qadr

Meaning: Power. As in the “Night of Power” which is the night that Angel Gabriel first revealed the first verses from the Qur’an.

Pronunciation: Ka-dir

8. Najma

Meaning: Star

Pronunciation: Naj-ma

9. Tahir

Meaning: Pure; virtuous.

Pronunciation: Ta-Hir

10. Taqwa

Meaning: Taqwa

Pronunciation: Taq-wa

11. Sajid

Meaning: Prostrating in worship.

Pronunciation: SA-jid

12. Sadaqah

Meaning: Charity

Pronunciation: Sa-da-kah

13. Sabir

Meaning: Patience

Pronunciation: SA-birr

14. Rahma

Meaning: Mercy, compassion, kindness

Pronunciation: RaH-ma

15. Raheem

Meaning: Kind, generous

Pronunciation: RaH-eem

16. Noor

Meaning: Light, illumination.

Pronunciation: New-r

17. Naeem

Meaning: Blessings.

Pronunciation: Na-‘eem

18. Karima

Meaning: Generous

Pronunciation: Ka-ree-ma

19. Kareem

Meaning: Generous, kind.

Pronunciation: Ka-reem

20. Jennah

Meaning: Paradise

Pronunciation: Jen-Nah

21. Badr

Meaning: Full moon

Pronunciation: Ba-Dir

22. Isra

Meaning: Nocturnal journey.

Pronunciation: Iss-Ra

23. Emad

Meaning: Pillar.

Pronunciation: ‘E-mad

24. Iman

Meaning: Faith

Pronunciation: E-man

25. Hidaya

Meaning: Guidance

Pronunciation: He-dai-ah

26. Habib

Meaning: Beloved.

Pronunciation: Ha-beeb

27. Rayyan

Meaning: One of the gates of Paradise.

Pronunciation: Ray-ann

28. Asif

Meaning: Forgiveness.

Pronunciation: Ah-sif

29. Qamar

Meaning: Moon.

Pronunciation: Ka-maar

30. Eid

Meaning: Festival, celebration.

Pronunciation: Eed

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