Top 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Names

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Glam rock king David Bowie was born David Jones; his stage last name is in tribute to the frontiersman and knife namesake Jim Bowie. Little boys named Bowie get that frisson of 1970s cool and well as the rough-and-tumble charm of the pioneer name.
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Johnny is all over the rock charts, but everyone knows which music legend you mean with the name Cash. It's a cool, unfussy name that has a bit of country twang to it.
Quinn 3 of 11
Bob Dylan's song "Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)" is a pretty great personal anthem to have. Who wouldn't want a tune that makes everybody jump for joy when you arrive?
Hendrix 4 of 11
More recognizable than "Jimi" and with the instant added cool of that ending "x" sound, Hendrix is a name that nicely references a rock legend but still seems versatile enough for a little kid.
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Queen of the jukebox, Joan Jett has a last name with undeniable panache, and one that a girl could rock all the way from preschool to grad school.
Layla 6 of 11
Derek and the Dominoes, led by the head-over-heels Eric Clapton, sang this searing number for Pattie Boyd. It's a lovely name with a very rock 'n' roll pedigree.
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Lee appears in rock songs mostly as a middle name, but as a first name it has an appealing simplicity, and several great namesakes, including singer-songerwiter Lee Hazlewood.
Loretta 8 of 11
Loretta is one of the wave of old-fashioned names that once seem fusty and now are increasingly interesting choices for little girls. Not only does it reference country great Loretta Lynn, you could also go with "Etta" as a nickname and touch on jazz songstress Etta James.
Penny 9 of 11
Beatles fans looking for something that's past Lucy and Julia but not quite to Yoko have a great choice with the simple, sweet Penny.
Corrina 10 of 11
The classic blues and folk standard "Corrina, Corrina" is another beautiful Bob Dylan number ripe for use as a namesake.
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Margaret Eby is the author of Rock and Roll Baby Names and recent alumni of Barnard College. While at Barnard, she served as a staff member and DJ at the campus radio station WBAR, which is where her rock 'n' roll lyric obsession became all-consuming. She is currently a contributing editor at Flavorwire, where she writes about music and pop culture.
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