30 Romantic Baby Names in Honor of Valentine’s Day

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To celebrate the love that often accompanies this time of year, I’ve rounded up the most “romantic” baby names — whether it’s a poetic sound, historical significance, or literary association.

Most of the classically romantic names are elaborately feminine or masculine, in the most traditional sense. They conjure the image of an earlier, more romantic era — whether it’s from ancient Greek mythology or Old Hollywood glamour. Yet I’ve also included romantic heroines and heroes, which might hold a heavier, more emotional weight (especially if you’ve always loved the book or movie).

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are the most romantic baby names for boys and girls:


One of the most useable “angelic” baby names, Angelica has deep routes in poetry and classic plays, like Romeo & Juliet (the two most romantic name choices of all).


In honor of one of the most classic romantic novels of all time: Anna Karenina.


Much like Romeo and Humphrey, Apollo has a romantic quality that might be hard to live up to. Apollo was, after all, the Greek god of music and poetry.


This name — climbing the charts in popularity — has a long history with classic English novels, which, combined with its poetic sound, makes it a romantic choice.


A poetic name that has a romantic imagery — whether as the name of Sleeping Beauty or the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.


Fans of classic romantic literature may choose the name Bennet for its Pride and Prejudice associations.


A romantic, heroic name for a little boy.


A heavenly name dripping in femininity.


Of all the top baby names of the moment, Chloe just might be the most romantic — often found in 17th Century romantic poetry and literature, like the Greek romance Daphnis and Chloe.


An ancient royal name that conjures one of the most famous love stories of all time: Anthony and Cleopatra.


Darcy may be the most famous Jane Austen hero namesake. Ironically, while Bennet (of Elizabeth Bennet) works better for a boy, Darcy (of Mr. Darcy) feels more like a girl name.


Dimitri (a variation of Demetrius, the Greek god of fertility) has an exotic romantic appeal.


The heroine of the classic Hunchback of Notre Dame has a romantic, melodious sound.


This name gives off such cheesy “romance novel” vibes that it might feel too comical. But, let’s be honest, Fabio is romance personified.


Fans of the romantic classic Casablanca might choose this Old Hollywood name to honor the iconic Humphrey Bogart.


Although Ingrid doesn’t have a classically romantic sound to it, it has the romance and glamour of Humphrey Bogart’s co-star in Casablanca, Ingrid Bergman.


Meaning “supreme goddess,” Isis was the Egyptian goddess of moon and fertility — both very romantic.


With the same romantic melody as “Liliana,” Juliana could pay homage to the most romantic name in literature: Juliet.


Lancelot is certainly a romantic name — a lá Sir Lancelot, the seductive knight from the King Arthur legend — but is it too romantic?


Meaning “a flower,” this Spanish variation on Lilian is more melodious and poetic.


Yes, this is the name Snooki chose for her son, but look past that! Lorenzo has that “Italian Lover” feel to it — and even similar names and nicknames (Angelo, Renzo, Enzo) sound romantic.


With its poetic roots (Maya Angelou) and legendary references (i.e. the mother of Zeus), Maya has an ancient romance to it.


This strong-sounding name has roots in Greek mythology as well as celestial ties. The constellation “Orion” is one of the brightest in the sky. And how romantic is that?


Two words: Latin Lover.


With its overwhelming association with Gone With the Wind, Rhett is one of the most romantic names for boys.


A cousin to fellow romance name “Romeo,” Roman has shot up in popularity recently.


No “romantic name” round-up would be complete without Shakespeare’s classic protagonist. While it was once considered “too” romantic — with tangled ties to Juliet — it’s now firmly in the Top 400.


A popular modern middle name, “Rose” has many romantic references — from the popular Valentine’s Day flower to Kate Winslet’s Titanic character.


Best known as the beloved heroine in Cyrano de Bergerac.


The name Scarlett has a seductive romance to it — whether it’s the color association (romantic red), Scarlett O’Hara, or even the beautiful Scarlett Johansson.

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