Short Baby Names for Boys That Have a Great Ring to Them

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We’ve gotten a few raised eyebrows when we’ve said our son’s name is simply Beck. However, I like short and sweet names, especially because our last name, Blodgett, isn’t always the most friendly when pairing it with a first name.

If you have a long last name and are expecting a boy, you might be looking for short boy names, too. Whatever your reason might be, here are some great options!


Grant originates from a nickname for a tall person. I had no idea!


If you want a more formal name, go with Dashiell.


I was surprised to learn that Max hasn’t broken the top 100 in the US. It’s one of my favorites.


I love the name Knox (I think of Dead Poets Society) but it’s too harsh with our last name. I’m passing it onto someone else to use.


As a shortened form of Abraham, Abe is less stuffy and more hip.


Mack hasn’t hit the top 100 since 1900, but I predict that changing in the near future.


How did John get to Jack? It went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to Jack.


Zane is the name of one of my nephews, and I like its happy vibe.


Another one of my nephews’ names is Kirye, but he’s called Kai. I thought it was strange at first, but now I hear Kai on a regular basis.


I associated this name with older men, but when a friend chose it for her little boy, I can’t help but love it since I now think of his cute face!


Clark hit its popularity peak in 1881 but has been on a steady rise in the last few years.


Sam is another biblical name that has risen in popularity recently.


This is one of those names that I love, but my husband vetoed. I thought I could convince him because of the Beatles, but so far no luck.


George is a classic name that saw a bump in popularity with the birth of Prince George.


I’m hearing Finn or forms of it (Finley, Finnegan) more often lately. It’s on a steady rise in the US.


I have yet to hear an actual child named this but wouldn’t be surprised to hear it on the playground soon.


Cole currently ranks at #102 in popularity.


Blake is a good example of a “known” name that you still don’t hear often.


The meaning of Tate is “cheerful.” I love that.


I have a friend with this name, so for me it has a good association for me. It’s much better having a friend with the name than a person you don’t like!


Beck fits into the “last name as a first” category and has never been listed in the top 1000 in popularity. It’s different without being made up.


Hank is mostly known for a nickname for Henry but is now being used more often on its own.


This is a biblical name that never seems to go out of style.


With the rise of the name Isaac, you maybe hearing the shortened form of Ike more often.


Although it’s simple, I’m a fan of the name Paul since it’s my grandfather’s name. Maybe I’ll use it for a future child’s middle name!

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