30 Short and Sweet, One-Syllable Names for Girls

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When choosing the name for your baby-to-be, there are many factors to weigh — one of which is how the name sounds as it rolls off your tongue. Believe me, you’ll be using this name a lot (and often when reprimand is in order), so you’ll want to make sure you like it. Sometimes the best choice is to stick with something short and sweet … but that doesn’t have to mean boring! There are plenty of beautiful short names for girls that will be perfect for your little lady.

Here are 30 examples of short and sweet, one-syllable names for girls.

1. Claire

This name is strong, but sweet; decidedly feminine, without being fussy. Claire just sounds like the type of capable young woman we all hope our daughters one day become.

2. Jane

There is nothing “plain Jane” about this name. After years of being used as a middle name “filler,” Jane is sweeping the scene as a minimalist first name and it is full of spunk.

3. Lark

The name Lark evokes images of a playful and free-spirited little lady. I can already picture her running around barefoot in a field full of flowers, without a care in the world.

4. Brave

Bestowing a name with such strong connotations on a little girl can only serve to set her up for a future filled with adventure.

5. Wynn

My own daughter’s middle name is Winter and we often call her Winnie or Win for short. I adore it. I like the spelling “Wynn” best when it’s being used as a standalone name to make it feel a bit more substantial.

6. June

Even if your little girl doesn’t happen to be born in the month of June, this is a perfectly sweet name. It will forever evoke images of early summer warmth, which is a pretty great thing to have one’s name associated with, if you ask me.

7. Liv

This diminutive of the more popular “Olivia” feels fresh and new when made into a short and sweet, one-syllable moniker.

8. Rose

Rose is a tried-and-true classic when it comes to middle naming. (It’s my middle name too! Along with a ton of other women I know.) But when used as a first name, takes on an entirely new vibe. After all, what could be sweeter than a rose?

9. Quinn

This name has a lovely consonance to it that I can’t get enough of. If you choose this name for your daughter, she will likely be the only one whose name begins with a “Q” in her classes, so she can have something fun to set her apart.

10. Brae

You’ve likely heard the name Bree many a time, what what about Brae? Perhaps a unique take on the one-syllable trend.

11. Clove

If you are a foodie with a love for one-syllable names, then the names Clove would cover all your bases. It is a name that definitely marches to the beat of its own drum, but without feeling too “out there”.

12. Ames

Not Amy or Amos… just Ames. While this name may be used as a nickname, it is given a far more novel feel when used on its own as a first name.

13. Rue

Another great option for a name that has a nickname sound to it.

14. Coeur

This French word for “heart,” is the perfect choice for your child-to-be as they will quite literally be the embodiment of your heart walking around outside of your body. So much love.

15. Gem

Ever child is supremely special to their parents, so why not make it official that you think they truly are a gem with this sweet baby girl’s name.

16. True

Perhaps this name will foreshadow a future of standing up for what is right and true. A great hope that all parents pair to for their children.

17. Bryn

This name so perfectly fits the bill for being short and sweet. It still feels substantial, despite being a mere one syllable.

18. Mae

The name Mae is wonderful spelled with a Y as well as an E, but I quite prefer it with the E when used as a first name. It feels perfectly old-timey, but still fresh.

19. Belle

This name means “beautiful” in French, and what could be lovelier than that? You could also opt for the less conventional spelling, Bell, to give it a fresh twist.

20. Wren

This name has long been a favorite of mine. It also happens to be my husband’s nickname for me (“Ren”… short for Lauren). I love that it’s an unexpected nature-themed option if you tend to lean toward nature names.

21. Bea

Technically short for Beatrice, but this name is lovely enough to stand on its own laurels. Bee is another option for spelling/meaning.

22. Lane

One of the meanings of this name is “from the long meadow,” which couldn’t be sweeter. You also have plenty of spelling options: Lane, Laine, or Layne.

23. Sloane

A Gaelic baby name that means “warrior.” What a wonderful meaning to bestow on your little girl. A reminder that a great warrior lies within her.

24. Maeve

Another Irish name with strength in its meaning as it is the name of Maeve the Irish warrior queen. Love this one. A more unique feel than the more often heard Mae.

25. Pearl

A sweet “little old lady” name that has still managed to stay a bit under the radar. An adorable choice for those on the hunt for a name with a vintage vibe.

26. Em

There are quite a lot of Emilys, Emmas, and even Emmelines. But what about just Em? It’s short, sweet and completely unexpected. Feels fresh and fun.

27. Nell

This charming girl’s name means “bright, shining one.” Perfect for the little light of your life!

28. Greer

A Scottish surname that means “alert or watchful.” It’s one that is the perfect balance between feminine and masculine, and one that will be sure to stand out in a sea of Olivias (though Olivia truly is a lovely name!).

29. Elle

Often used as a diminutive of the name Eleanor, this name is wonderful all on its own!

30. Rain

A gentle, nature-inspired name that is lovely and distinctive amongst its other nature-inspired counterparts.

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