14 Beautiful Spanish Baby Names Inspired by Spring

A mother kisses her baby girl in a field of red flowers during spring.
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Spring, or la primavera as it’s called in Spanish, is the perfect time of year to welcome new life into the world. With the promise of blooming flowers and beautiful weather, spring also brings with it a lot of inspiration for some really cute Spanish baby names — for both boys and girls.

Whether you’re looking to honor your Hispanic heritage or just love the romantic sound of Spanish baby names, scroll on for some beautiful baby girl names that will roll right off the tongue.

1. Flor

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Flower

2. Jacinto

Gender: Boy | Meaning: Hyacinth

3. Rosa

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Rose

4. Lucero

Gender: Boy | Meaning: Light

5. Amapola

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Poppy

6. Violeta

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Violet

7. Javier

Gender: Boy | Meaning: Bright

8. Marisol (or Solimar)

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Bitter sun

9. Amarilis

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Amaryllis (a type of red flower)

10. Girasol

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Sunflower

11. Rio

Gender: Boy | Meaning: River

12. Lila

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Lilac

13. Margarita

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Daisy

14. Luz

Gender: Girl | Meaning: Light

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