Uncommon Boys’ Names for True Trendsetters

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Raise your hand if you know a John, a Paul, and a Chris? Yep, that’s what we thought!

While those names are beautiful and classic in their own right, it can also be hard to find truly original boy names. But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with 20 uncommon boys’ names that are sure to make your kid a trendsetter.


Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: father of light.

Give the soon-to-be light of your life a name that fits the bill with Abner. While the name dates back to the Old Testament, as a clever strategist who was Saul’s cousin and commander, it lost popularity sometime after the Reformation. You could bring it back!


Origin: Latin; Meaning: unit.

We often associate the term “ace” with playing cards. In a deck, the “ace” is used as the number one. So why not take that meaning one step further with the new #1 person in your life?


Origin: Latin; Meaning: white, bright.

Harry Potter fans: This one’s for you. Pay homage to the great Albus Dumbledore (and your own love for the books) with this name fit for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!


Origin: American; Meaning: warrior.

Anakin? How cool is that?! Come on, Star Wars fans — you know you want to …


Origin: English; Meaning: peasant farmer.

You know your son is going to love making James Bond jokes when he gets older with a name like this! Bond = automatic cool points.


Origin: English; Meaning: Reference to French town, Dax.

Wouldn’t Dax make a cute nickname? (Just sayin’.)


Origin: Greek; Meaning: earth lover.

We know the name Dimitri (sometimes spelled Demetri) as Anastasia’s counterpart (from the cartoon), but have hardly heard it since!


Origin: Italian; Meaning: nature, sun.

With some popularity in Italy and France, this name has yet to dominate the American popular baby name lists. This short and sunny name was also recently used in the novel and Oscar-winning film, Call Me By Your Name.


Origin: English; Meaning: well born.

This name has a bit of an old-timey feel (see: Gene Kelly, the infamous 1950s actor from Singing in the Rain), and you could give it new life. Before your son is even old enough to know what cool is, he’ll be rocking a vintage vibe.


Origin: English; Meaning: from the pointed hill.

You’re not going to want to (s)kip this name on your list!


Origin: English; Meaning: long hill, ridge.

While the name Landon is certainly uncommon, it also subtly reminds us of one of our favorite heartthrobs from childhood — the lead character from A Walk to Remember.


Origin: English; Meaning: Moses.

Develop an early connection with nature with this greenery-inspired name. We’re sure your little one will rock the name Moss — like a BOSS.


Origin: American; Meaning: strip or ridge of rocks.

Reef appeared on the charts for the first time in 2001 and is still considered one of the most uncommon boys’ names. In fact, only 1 in 49,729 baby boys have this name.


Origin: Scottish; Meaning: red.

With a name like Reid, you little boy will be “reidy” for anything!


Origin: Latin; Meaning: king.

Bonus points if you dress him up as Rex from Toy Story for Halloween!


Origin: Anglo-Saxon; Meaning: roofer.

More commonly seen as a last name, Thatcher makes a pretty darn cool first name for a boy. And if you’re into politics, you can consider it an homage to Margaret Thatcher — the first female prime minister of Britain.


Origin: Irish; Meaning: stubborn (to pull).

We can’t think of a better name for our stubborn babies than one that means … well, stubborn. Seriously, though: Doesn’t Tyrell have a nice ring to it?


Origin: Greek; Meaning: Latin form of Odysseus.

Ulysses was the Romans’ name for the legendary Greek King Odysseus, and the hero portrayed in Homer’s epic, The Iliad and the Odyssey. Odysseus was known for his intellectual brilliance and versatility. You could also use the Spanish spelling, Ulises.


Origin: German; Meaning: wild animal.

Live on the wild(er) side with this name! While Wilder has grown in popularity in recent years (fun fact: it’s Goldie Hawn’s grandson’s name), we’d still consider it uncommon as a first name.


Origin: English surname; Meaning: wood.

With this choice, you can add a cool “man of the woods” feel to your son’s name!


Origin: Welsh; Meaning: white, fair, handsome.

Not to be confused with #winning, this cute and uncommon boy name means fair and handsome (which we suppose is #wynning).

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