Baby Names of the Risen Dead

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  • James 2 of 13
    Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: supplanter
    In one of last year's biggest flicks Skyfall, James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) plunges to what audiences think is his death, only to reappear later in the film in a dark alley. With dashing good looks, the coolest cars, and a knack for getting resurrected from the dead, what little fellow (or gal!) wouldn't want to share 007's namesake?
  • Harry 3 of 13
    Origin: German; Meaning: estate ruler
    Harry Potter, the heroic lightning-scarred character of the popular young adult series, faced death on numerous occasions but always persevered with his friends by his side. His name has come to symbolize smarts, loyalty and, above all, bravery. Give your little guy this honorable moniker, and he's sure to conquer any challenge that comes his way — and be in good company, to boot!
  • Casper (the Friendly Ghost) 4 of 13
    Origin: Persian and German; Meaning: treasurer, horse rider, imperial
    Though this young spirit's demise is disputable, Casper the Friendly Ghost's animated appearance and innocent exploits amongst the living has long provided delight to readers and audiences since the late 1930s. With Casper's charm also comes many meanings and variants: Jasper, Kasper, Cass.
  • Kara (“Starbuck”) 5 of 13
    Origin: Greek, Danish, Italian, Irish, Gaelic; Meaning: wholesome, dear friend, pure
    In the original Battlestar Galactica series, Starbuck was a rugged, risk-taking, whiskey-swigging viper pilot — and a man. The re-imagined Battlerstar series (2004) portrays this central character with the same strong features but in the form of the stunning, and surprisingly spiritual, Kara Thrace (Katee Sackhoff), who shocked fans everywhere with her explosive death in Season 3, and mysterious reappearance in Season 4.
  • Jesus 6 of 13
    Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: Lord is salvation
    The most central figure in Christianity, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead three days after being crucified. Clearly a significant name for the faithful, its global variants make many alternative choices or slick nicknames, such as Emmanuel, Elijah, Joshua, Alpha, Omega ...
  • Snow 7 of 13
    Origin: American English; Meaning: frozen rain
    Snow is a sweet homage to the bullet-proof heroine in the Brother's Grimm fairy tale, Kinder-und Hausmarchen, otherwise best known as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Surviving three fantastical attempted assassinations via shoelaces, combs, and a poisoned apple, the princess was revived each time and remained the fairest — and most resilient — woman in the land.
  • Ganesh 8 of 13
    Origin: Hindi, Sanskrit; Meaning: Lord of the People
    Ganesh is Hindu's most popular deity of success and destroyer of obstacles. But it wasn't easy getting to the top. The goddess Pavarati created Ganesh to act as a guard to her private quarters — even against her husband, Lord Shiva. One misunderstanding later, Shiva beheaded him and made amends by replacing the damage with the head of an elephant, which signifies strength and intellectual prowess.
  • Persephone 9 of 13
    Origin: Greek; Meaning: bringer of destruction
    The daughter of Zeus and Demeter, this goddess of awakening took prestige one step further and became the wife of Hades (albeit through abduction). While most of the sweet and energetic Persephone's time is spent vibrantly on earth with Demeter, she's the Queen of the Underworld until springtime.
  • Herbert 10 of 13
    Origin: German, Old English; Meaning: bright army, warrior
    What originated as a short story by H.P. Lovecraft in 1922 went on to spur the cult Re-Animator film series in 1985. Today you can enjoy Herbert's obsession to revive his dead peers (and lobotomize them) in the 2011 production of "Re-Animator: The Musical." With the name meaning "illustrious warrior," hopefully your Herbert will be more med student and less mad scientist.
  • Ellen 11 of 13
    Origin: Greek; Meaning: sun ray, shining light
    The future is now — or at least it was then, in the 1997 sci-fi continuation, Alien: Resurrection. Having previously destroyed the alien queen — and herself — in Aliens 3, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley (played by Sigourney Weaver) returns as a clone with bigger skills, better strengths, and acidic blood (lucky!). Its cheery translation of "sunbeam" makes this name all the more supernatural.
  • Lazarus 12 of 13
    Origin: Hebrew; Meaning: God is my help
    Known best as one of Jesus Christ's most beloved friends, Lazarus' passing was enough to bring JC to tears. Four days later Jesus cracked open his friend's tomb and raised him back to life. You can modernize this biblical bromance with nicknames like "Laz" or "Lazar."
  • Tabitha 13 of 13
    Origin: Aramaic; Meaning: gazelle
    A disciple of the early church, Tabitha was a widowed seamstress known for her good deeds. Resurrected by Saint Peter, her story appears in the Book of Acts of the Bible. Non-cat lovers beware: Tabby makes for a cute nickname. If you're a fan of the meaning and not the moniker, you can go with "Dorcas," Tabitha's Greek variant.

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