11 Unique Girl Names

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A unisex derivative of the Latin word Pax, Paz means "Peace," and is also the Hebrew word for "Gold." A gentle yet sophisticated girl name with powerfully positive implications, Paz stands strong on its own, but also works beautifully in one-of-a-kind double name creations. Spanish actress Paz Vega wears this name well.
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A flower, spice and color name, Saffron takes symbolism to new heights; its color—that of monks' robes in Southeast Asia—is also significant in Celtic culture. As an aromatic spice, it is the world's most expensive. The Saffron flower is associated with the Goddess of Dawn (Eos) in Greek and Roman mythology. As a girl name, Saffron is simply lovely; it boasts an unusual, feminine sound and richly textured meanings.
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The Spanish form of "Pearl," Perla's A-sound ending lends it a touch of exoticism. And despite its relative popularity—Perla hit #639 in 2011—the name retains its individual character, along with its pretty sound.
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As a Scandinavian moniker meaning "Beautiful Victory," Siri is short for Sigrid. Also the word for "Secret" in Swahili, and an Indian name for the Goddess Lakshmi, Siri's most recent name incarnation has been for Apple's iPhone voice recognition software. At once sweet and chic, Siri is as versatile and unique as girl names get.
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Mila jumped almost 200 spaces between 2010 and 2011, landing at #174; this can probably be attributed to actress Mila Kunis' captivating performance in the film "Black Swan". Meaning "Friendly," or "Pleasant" in Greek, Mila also means "Tradition" in Swahili. An alluring cross between popular Mia (#9) and Lila (#163), Mila's likely to stick around for a while, but unlikely to ever get old.
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Unisex place names are almost guaranteed to be great choices, and Holland is no exception. It's surprisingly not yet on the top 1,000 list, however, and has only appeared there fleetingly—for boys—throughout the last century. With Madison now overused, consider yourselves ahead of the curve; Holland offers a similar sound and is still delightfully rare.
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Traditionally reserved for exceptionally beautiful people, Kahea is short for Kahealani; it's a Hawaiian name meaning "Call of the Heavens." Now that Kai is well into the top 1,000 for both boys and girls, Kahea offers an unusual, and distinctly feminine, alternative rarely heard off of the Islands.
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Related to Sylvia and of Greek origin, Xylia means "Wood Dweller," and is appropriately—if coincidentally—the Latin name for the South Asian Jamba tree. With an interesting spelling and feminine, modern feel, we approve of this unusual choice.
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At #213 in 2011, Teagan is edging up on longstanding Welsh frontrunner Megan (#164), and is hot on the heels of the more recent Reagan (#122) trend, too. Traditionally spelled Tegan—as per sister act indie band Tegan and Sara—other variations include Teegan and Tiegan. An upbeat unisex moniker, Teagan means "Little Poet."
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A variation of the Germanic Ena, and also an Irish form of Helen, Enna is a wonderful alternative to Emma (#3) and Ella (#12), which—as pretty as they are—are not unique. Meaning "Light," Enna's also a Sicilian place name, and has a gentle, captivating sound.
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A surprising alternative to Leia, Déia is of Greek origin, and is also an avant garde place name; a Spanish island village reputed for its literary and musical residents puts this moniker on the map. Its bright, sunny sound makes this super unusual name a charming choice for new baby girls.
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