30 Awesome Words That Make Great Baby Names

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One of my favorite name trends for the new year is using “non-names” as baby names. I love the idea of choosing a word with personal meaning and making it a part of your baby’s name.

My own child has the middle name Winter, which was chosen because she was born on the first snowfall of the year and we thought it would be a sweet reminder of that wonderful day.

Because I love them so much, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite words that would make great baby names. Some of them I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be brave enough to use myself and some are a little more common. I’m curious to know if any of you have a little one with a name on my list!

1. Arrow

We all know that an arrow is something shot from a bow, but doesn’t it also make a wonderfully strong name. I envision this on a little boy who is very strong and sure of where he is going in life.

2. Twain

This archaic word for two could be a fun name to give to one half of a twin duo or to a child born on the second day of the month. I think it’s a lovely name just because though.

3. Brightly

This name was on my list of middle names for my daughter, but my husband vetoed it. I think the meaning behind it is lovely.

4. Verity

This is my absolute favorite name on this list and I want to use it for my next child if I have a girl, so I actually hope no one uses this one, ok? It means “truth” and what could a parent want more for their child than that they are true to themselves and with others? I think the virtue makes it a perfect name for a little one.

5. Season

A season is a time of change and what other time in life will you experience more change than when having a child? I think this name would be very appropriate for a baby…particularly a first child.

6. Bloom

This name would be perfect for a little lady born in the spring – the time when flowers and babies are blooming!

7. Lark

A lovely little bird or something done for fun – either sentiment makes it a sweet name for a baby.

8. Ever

As in…your life will “ever” be changed (in the very best way!) now that you have a child. I really, REALLY love this one.

9. Haven

“A place of safety or refuge,” which is a pretty great meaning behind one’s name, wouldn’t you say?

10. Sailor

I envision a child named Sailor, growing up to be self-possessed and skillful at navigating through challenging life situations. But aside from that, I just think it’s a great name.

11. Rosemary

For those who like the idea of a non-name, but don’t want something that’s “too out there,” this name is unique, but classic. It’s the name of a delicious herb as well as the name of my grandmother. You really can’t go wrong.

12. Prudence

A name for a child who will grow up to be wise and judicious – definitely good things to be.

13. Sunday

Sunday is known as a day of rest and I associate it with comfort. Sundays for me growing up were filled with church services, soup lunches and napping the day away. Something about it is just cozy and warm, which are good connotations to look for in a word name.

14. Fox

Perhaps a little one named fox will turn out to be sly or cunning – or perhaps just adorably quirky.

15. Slate

I love the texture and color of slate rock and also…this just sounds like a really cool name.

16. Cadence

This word means, “the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity” – it sounds lyrical and perfect for a child whose parents come from a musical or dancing background.

17. West

The West always symbolizes unchartered territory – heading into the unknown and looking for adventure and if that’s something that resonates with you, perhaps this would make a good name for your child.

18. Archer

I think of an archer as someone skilled and focused – both good connotations for a baby name in my book.

19. Breaker

A breaker is a strong and powerful wave that dashes into foam and I think that’s a great word picture that would make a great name.

20. Snow

Perhaps this could be a middle name for a child born during a snowfall? What a sweet reminder this would be.

21. Crew

Naming your child Crew, almost destines them for a life filled with fulfilling relationships and connections with others.

22. Indigo

No deep meaning with this one, but indigo is a truly lovely color.

23. Grey

Another not-so-out-there baby name option. Grey has become more popular as of late, so no one would think it was too terribly strange – more unique.

24. Ash

This type of wood, or the remains after a fire, but also a nice name for a baby.

25. Alder

This name for a type of tree has long been a favorite on my list for a little boy, but could also work for a little girl. I just love nature inspired names!

26. Lake

If you grew up near a lake or are simply a love of water, this non-name might be worth adding to your list of name considerations.

27. Brave

I love that this name is strong and pure. A nice prophecy to put forth for your little one.

28. Tannyn

I actually know a little girl named Tannyn and I’ve always thought it was a lovely name. It’s actually a spelling change to the word “tannin,” which is a “a substance used especially in tanning leather and dyeing fabric, manufacturing ink, clarifying wine and beer, and in medicine.” Kind of cool I think.

29. Gage

Gage means: “A valued object deposited as a guarantee of good faith.” I like the meaning of this word and think it’s perfect as a baby name.

30. Honor

I’m sure any parent-to-be hopes that their child grows up to be a person of high-esteem and respect … a person of honor, which makes this name quite fitting.

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