Stephanie’s already had its heyday in the baby name game (from 1969-1996), and is now taking a breather. The female version of the boy’s name Stephan, Stephanie has been descending in the ranks in the last decade despite it’s propensity for nicknames like Steph and Stephy. Mega popular in the 80s, it’s the name of the annoying know-it-all middle sister on TV’s Full House as well as supermodel Stephanie Seymour.


  • French
  • Greek: Crowned in victory; feminine form of Stephen



International Variations

Panya, Kekepania

Alternate Spellings


Famous Namesakes

Model Stephanie Seymour, Actress Stefanie Powers, Actress Stephanie Zimbalist, Tennis player Steffi Graf, Singer Stevie Nicks

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Jon Bon Jovi, Daughter of Bob Marley, Daughter of Grace Kelly, Daughter of Steve Austin, Daughter of Paul Newman