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French Names

French baby names are traditionally saints’ names, but the French sometimes add a little twist by using hyphenates (think Jean-Baptiste or MarieÉlise). Très bon!


With Noe, you get three names in one! It can be pronounced like NO-AH, NO, and even NYE. A Spanish variation of the Hebrew... Read more about Noe


Expecting a Christmas bundle of joy? Then do like the Middle Agers did, and name your daughter Noel. While it's not a very... Read more about Noel


There is no more obvious name for a Christmas baby than Noel, and now "The First Noel" will take on a new meaning. The holiday... Read more about Noel


Nicole, along with Jessica and Veronica, was, like, a super-popular name in the 1980s. The feminine form of Nicolas, Nicole... Read more about Nicole


Parents love to name their sons Tyler. The name soared to baby name stardom in the 80s and 90s. Tyler is one of those occupational... Read more about Tyler


Believe it or not, Natalie is another perfect name for a Christmas baby. It's the French version of the Russian name Natalia... Read more about Natalie


Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles and the name of many Queens in history, including wife of King George III of England... Read more about Charlotte


Victoria, long considered a royal name and also the Roman goddess of victory, has had a reputation as being stiff and uppity... Read more about Victoria


Derived from the Germanic Karl, Charles is a royal name borne by ten kings of France and introduced to Great Britain by Mary... Read more about Charles


The French version of the Latin name Clara, Claire is a newly fashionable name for girls. Oddly enough, it's also the name... Read more about Claire


Are you hoping for a wiser-than-his-years son? Then Sage, which means "wise," may be the way to go. It's short and sweet... Read more about Sage


In its old-school incarnations, Mason was a straight-forward occupational name meaning "stoneworker." Today, it's a hit among... Read more about Mason


Madeline is a variation of Magdalene which references the biblical Mary Magdalene. This sweetly old-fashioned name has been... Read more about Madeline


Amy first achieved fame as the name of the youngest sister in Louisa May Alcott's novel Little Women and climbed up the... Read more about Amy


French: From the alder grove

Read more about Veronica


Courtney was in cahoots with the Brittany's and Jessica's of the world to rule the 80s and 90s. And like her sisters-in-crime... Read more about Courtney


Stylish former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, imbued her first name, the feminine form of the French Jacques... Read more about Jacqueline


Renee is a French name that's probably only familiar to us thanks to actress Renee Zellweger. Despite the star association... Read more about Renee


The French version of Elizabeth, Elise has that slightly French-sounding affect that many parents love to love, which might... Read more about Elise


A hugely popular name in the UK, Ruby is making a comeback in the US, as well; July's deep red birthstone is a recent celeb-parent... Read more about Ruby


French: Youthful; Jove''s child; a feminine form of Julian

Read more about Julie


French: Dark.

Greek: Dark; the name of a Roman saint who became a great religious philanthropist

Read more about Melanie


French: Derivative of the Greek name Dionysus (the god of wine and revelry); also feminine form of Denis

Read more about Denise


English Origin

French: Uncertain meaning; The name may derive from a French place name for Saint Denis. Another theory states that this name comes...

Read more about Sydney


French: Heavenly; from the Latin name Celestia

Read more about Celeste


French: Wise protector

German: Wise protector

Read more about Raymond


English Origin

French: Originally a boys'' name, derived from the Germanic name Gautelen

Read more about Jocelyn


French: Transferred surname derived from the Germanic name Gautelen, which comes from the name of a Germanic tribe, the Gauts

Read more about Jocelyn


French: Christmas; feminine variant of Noel

Read more about Noelle