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Girl Names That Start With D

From Daisy to Donna—and beyond! If you want your future daughter to have a name that starts with D, we’ve got tons of options right here.


The feminine form of Daniel, Danielle has enjoyed a long history of popularity. And like many other names that were huge... Read more about Danielle


There's something just so cheerful and friendly about the name Daisy. And much likes its fellow flower sisters Lily and Rose... Read more about Daisy


Diana is a classic girls' name that will endure the test of time. Dating back to ancient days, Diana was a Roman goddess... Read more about Diana


English: The first appearance of daylight; daybreak

Read more about Dawn


Hebrew: Desired, seductive; The biblical Delilah tempted Samson into revealing the secret of his strength.

Read more about Delilah


Deborah was a biblical prophetess and heroine of Israel. Her victory song is in the Book of Judges. Read more about Deborah


French: Derivative of the Greek name Dionysus (the god of wine and revelry); also feminine form of Denis

Read more about Denise


Hindi: Ultimate law of all things; In certain religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, dharma is the essential nature of all that...

Read more about Dharma


Native American: To be considered a friend, ally; name of a group of tribes more familiarly known as the Sioux

Read more about Dakota


You'd think being the French version of a name would give Diana a level of hipster cache, but that's not the case. Instead... Read more about Diane


Greek: Bay tree or laurel tree; The mythological and virtuous Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo...

Hebrew Origin

Read more about Daphne


Italian: Lady, a respectful title and female equivalent of Don

Latin Origin

Read more about Donna


French Origin

Latin: Of the Lord, belongs to God; A feminine variant of Dominic, this French spelling is used primarily for girls.

Read more about Dominique


French: The one desired

Read more about Desiree


Greek: A vision, gift of God; The character of Dorothy in Frank Baum''s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz learned that there was no place...

Read more about Dorothy


The lovely and feminine Daniela has been holding on strong as a popular name choice for girls, beating out similar-sounding... Read more about Daniela


English: Valley; feminine form of Dean or possible variant for Diana

Read more about Deanna


From Little Debbies to Debbie Reynolds, Debbie is the quintessential 1950s housewife name. As a variation of the much more... Read more about Debbie


English: Darling; from the Old English dearling, possibly used on occasion as a variant of the male name Darryl

Read more about Darlene


Despite having that -la ending that parents love to love right now (see Isabella, Ella or Layla), Daniella has yet to reach... Read more about Daniella


Another variation of the ever-popular Diana, Dianne hasn't been popular since World War II—which could be appealing to... Read more about Dianne


English Origin

Read more about Deena


Glee actress Dianna Agron has been giving this name some visibility, but adding an extra "n" doesn't really distinguish this... Read more about Dianna

Dee Dee

Nickname for Dolores Read more about Dee Dee


Gaelic: Raging

Irish: Melancholy. A variant of the older name Deirdre In Celtic legend Deirdre died of a broken heart.

Read more about Deidra


Hebrew: Desired, seductive Languishing. The Biblical Delilah tempted Samson into revealing the secret of his superhuman strength...

Read more about Delila


English Origin

Read more about Deana


Destiny has emerged as a surprising baby name hit. It's been in the Top 50 for almost every year since 2000. Perhaps parents... Read more about Destiny