A unisex name of Irish origin, Kelly is typically associated with the 70s and 80s when the name was wildly popular. It’s since dropped off the hot list, but the name will forever be memorialized in the minds of 90s teens everywhere thanks to Saved By the Bell‘s perky cheerleader Kelly Kapowski.


  • Gaelic: Warrior or bright-minded
  • Irish: Warrior or bright-minded



Alternate Spellings

Kellyn, Kellye, Kellie, Kelley, Keilah, Keeley

Famous Namesakes

Actress Kelly Ripa, Actress Kelly Preston, Singer Kelly Clarkson, Singer Kelly Rowland, Actress Kelly Rutherford, Actress Kelly McGillis, Actress Kelly Monaco

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Larry King, Daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, Daughter of Janet Lynn Redgrave