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Some of the coolest names out there aren’t names at all, they’re simply words. Just think, now the entire dictionary—English, Spanish, or otherwise—is your infinite source for baby names. Okay, if that’s too overwhelming, we pulled out a few of our favorites here.


Love is all around us...just not as a first name. Love (the name, not the verb) is used much more commonly as a middle name... Read More


Grace is one of those classic girl names that never seems to go out of style. It follows in the vein of other virtuous-sounding... Read More


There is no more obvious name for a Christmas baby than Noel, and now "The First Noel" will take on a new meaning. The holiday... Read More


If you think everyone knows someone named John, you're probably right. Since 1880, John has spent many years ranked #1 in... Read More


Are you hoping for a fiery personality or a red-head? Then Red may be an appropriate choice. Not surprisingly, the name is... Read More


Faith isn't quite as popular as it's virtuous cousins Hope and Grace, which may be a good thing. Equally as lovely and pure... Read More


Phoenix means "deep red," and is the name of the colorful, mythical bird reputed to live for a thousand years before erupting... Read More


Jade is a popular girl's name in both the United States and France. Originally a boy's name, it's set to make a unisex comeback... Read More


Not only is this the most popular of all flower names, it's the name of a famous comedienne, the name of Harry Potter's "mum,"... Read More


If you can get past the definition of the name's origin (see above), Maria really is a lovely girls name... and anything... Read More


Justice is one of the few virtue names for boys. The name was historically bestowed on judges and those deemed to be just... Read More


The river in Palestine where Jesus was baptized has been used as a given name since the Crusades. The name likely had a boost... Read More


Add a little Karma to your life by naming your daughter after the Buddhist and Hindu concept of the inevitable effect of... Read More


Hope is a sweet and simple "virtue name" (along with Charity and Grace) that has been a perennial favorite among parents... Read More


Madison has long fallen out of favor as a boy name, as the popularity of Madison as a girl name skyrocketed. Even the meaning... Read More


An Italian word meaning "air" or "melody," Aria is also the Hebrew word for "lioness." As a musical term, the word refers... Read More


Now a favorite flower name everywhere from South America to Eastern Europe, Jasmine—also a plant known for its aromatic... Read More


A steadily popular name for several decades—Amber was everywhere in the 1980s and '90s—the name now, surprisingly, makes... Read More


Often used as a nickname for the name John back in the day, Jack has climbed the beanstalk of baby names to become a relatively... Read More


Taylor is right at the cusp of a changing of the tides. What used to be more often used as a boys' name (à la Taylor Lautner)... Read More


The shorter, and, let's face it, cuter version of the serious Marcus, Mark has been a perennial favorite for parents to name... Read More


Ruth is a case-study in loyalty. The Old Testament Book of Ruth centers on a young, loyal Moabite woman who refused to desert... Read More


Oh sweet Patience, you'll have to exercise a bit more of yourself before you ever see your name at the top. Another one of... Read More


Flower names are super in vogue right now, and Iris is simply blooming. While it's not nearly as popular as fellow flora... Read More


Are you hoping for a wiser-than-his-years son? Then Sage, which means "wise," may be the way to go. It's short and sweet... Read More


Give me Liberty, or give me...another name? A patriotic name if there ever was one, Liberty has never been a very popular... Read More


Destiny has emerged as a surprising baby name hit. It's been in the Top 50 for almost every year since 2000. Perhaps parents... Read More


Ivy is one of the hottest flower names to be found right now, thanks to Jay-Z and Béyonce's baby girl Blue Ivy. To-the-point... Read More


Joy is a sweetly old-fashioned name that's fallen out of vogue in recent years despite its cheerful meaning. Joy is also... Read More


From the Shakespearean plays Henry VI, King John, Romeo and Juliet and Measure for Measure Read More