14 Gifts for Second-Time Moms

Just because a mom is expecting their second child, doesn’t mean she can’t use a little baby shower, or a sprinkle, if you will. When moms have lots of baby gear saved up, especially if they are having a second of the same gender, it doesn’t mean she can’t use a little something extra for her, or even baby.  I know as I’m expecting my second girl, there are still a few items I could use. Plus there are lots of provisions friends and family could provide to make the transition of adding another baby into the mix a little easier. Here are 14 perfect gifts to show some second time moms, and really parents, a little love and appreciation.

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Hire A Cleaning Service 2 of 15
Giving the gift of a clean home could be great either before the new baby comes or after. When you've got an older sibling to take care of, finding time to clean when you're just about to pop or right after giving birth, may not happen. You will get huge kudos from the new momma with this gift!
Babysitting 3 of 15
What parent doesn't love free babysitting. Offer to take the older kids for a few hours, which will give mom some time to actually nap when new baby naps. Better yet, offer to babysit the whole brood with a couple friends, and send the new mom out for some time alone.
Dishes 4 of 15
Everyone wants to come over and see the new baby. Truth be told, new parents aren't always ready to have visitors, especially with all the mess going on with older siblings. So if you stop by, offer to do a load of dishes or empty the dishwasher. You will make the new parents very happy and it's one less thing they have to worry about.
Food 5 of 15
Not having to worry about preparing and cooking meals is great for new parents, especially ones with older kids. Betsy says she always sends Omaha Steaks Frozen oven-ready meals to new parents. They have a wide variety of options and it's a great gift if that new mom doesn't live in your town.
Target Gift Card 6 of 15
It's no secret that moms love Target. Giving the gift of Target is great because mom can use it to buy anything she needs. And if she wants to buy herself something special, she can do that too. It doesn't need to be used for baby items.
Food Gift Cards 7 of 15
If you can't bring food over, the next best thing is to send over a food gift card. Erin, mom of a newborn and toddler, said she'd be happy with, “Basically, Domino’s gift cards." Applebee's is also a great option because they are all over the US and have a variety of options.
Breast Pump Supplies 8 of 15
For the pumping second time mom, she may already have a breast pump, but accessories to update parts like membranes, would be a huge help. Ask the mom to be what she might need and surprise her with all new parts.
Diapers 9 of 15
Whether the new momma is cloth diapering or using disposables, she'll appreciate extra supplies to keep baby happy. See if she needs any more cloth diapers or cloth diapering supplies, or find out what size disposable diapers she could use. This is one expense new parents could live without as those newborns go through so many diapers a day.
Pedicure 10 of 15
Any new momma could use a little pampering. Get her a gift card for a manicure and pedicure and give her an hour to herself to relax and reset.
Spa Time 11 of 15
Speaking of pampering, giving the gift of time at a spa for relaxation is perfect. She can get a massage, or a fancy treatment of her choice. She'll really have a perfect time to rejuvenate with this gift.
Coffee 12 of 15
Andrea, mom of two, says that on your way over to visit the new baby, stop off and get mom and dad some Starbucks. They will be forever grateful for the little pick me up to get them through those sleepless newborn days.
Batteries 13 of 15
Second time mom Lea said a great gift to bring over are some batteries. You've got all those baby gadgets already, and having extra batteries on hand will be very helpful.
Admission To Fun Places For Older Kids 14 of 15
Rebekah, mom of two, suggests giving the gift of activities for older siblings. Getting a gift certificate to a local children's museum or a playzone would be perfect. The older kids will love this fun time just as much!
Splurge Item 15 of 15
Misty, mom of one, says giving the second time mom a splurge gift she never got for the first baby would be perfect. Have a couple friends chip in. A friend of mine received an Ergo baby carrier as a gift from her coworkers for her second daughter and was over the moon with the thoughtfulness.
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