It’s a Boy! Baby Shower Cake Ideas and Recipes

What are little boys made of? Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails … We’re not so sure about that, but we’re betting that one of our adorable cakes will be perfect for any baby shower of blue!

Fun on the Farm 1 of 9
Baby shower party animals will love this barnyard scene! This one features a pound cake barn and a cupcake silo, and would make the perfect fodder for the shower with a baby animal or farm theme.

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Choo-Choo Train 2 of 9
Engineer an adorable cake (and centerpiece) for that special mom-to-be! Bake as many cars as needed for the number of people on the guest list.

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Crocodile Cake 3 of 9
A cute crocodile? Yes! Malted milkballs, green candies, marshmallows, and white chocolate covered pretzels make this cake a snap to make. (Watch those teeth!)

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Little Slugger 4 of 9
One day Mom-to-be's little slugger may eat, breath, and sleep baseball. Invite guests for a few innings of baby boy madness. Serve up small bags of popcorn, cocktail wienies, and top it off with this easy-to-make cake.

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Just Ducky 5 of 9
This cake really is ... just ducky! We just love the fact that if you touch the tops of the rubber duckies' heads, they'll bob in the gelatin water. With marshmallow faucets, it's also easy to make.

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Bug Mountain 6 of 9
It's hard to believe that Baby-to-be will one day be fascinated by these creepy crawlies, but the odds are good! So this cake is definitely boy approved. And guess what? Mother Nature never tasted so good!

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Dappled Dinosaur 7 of 9
We're talking dappled here, not Doppler, Mama-to-be. This adorable dino's appendages are made from packaged dunking cookies. So easy! And he'll have the shower guests roaring for more.

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Dump Truck 8 of 9
Are cars and trucks the inspiration for the baby shower theme? A toy truck, loaded with cake and cookie crumb "dirt," is the perfect treat to unload on the baby shower guests.

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Puppy Dog 9 of 9
Guests won't be able to keep their paws off this sweet canine cake. And after all, little boys are made of puppy dog tails. At least that's what we heard, remember?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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