Baby Shower Favors: Paper Cones and Display Stand

For your next baby shower, make your own paper cones and stand to hold food and favors. Babble shows you how …

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Let's get creative!

Here are the materials you'll need to stock up on:

- 6" square pieces of decorative paper
- large sheet of white paper or wrapping paper
- Styrofoam blocks
- double-sided tape or regular tape
- ruler
- exacto knife
- scissors
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Taking one of the decorative pieces of paper, fold down one edge&#151this will become the bottom of the cone.

Put double-sided tape or glue on the bottom edge to the left of your fold.
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Now, gently roll the cone and secure with tape or glue.

Be aware of how wide or small you're making the opening. This all depends on what you'd like to fill the cones with. If it's caramel popcorn, make the opening wider. If it's something smaller such as M & Ms, roll the paper a little tighter so the opening is more narrow.

You be the judge!
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Keep on repeating step two with the other pieces of decorative paper until you've created all the cones you'd like to make.

Don't worry&#151this will go by pretty quickly once you get the hang of it!
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Now you're ready to make the paper cone stand.

First measure and make initial holes in Styrofoam with a pointy pen. If the decorative paper that you're using for the stand is 11x17, and the Styrofoam block is 12" inches, shoot for making three evenly spaced holes at 2", 6" and 10".
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Now you're need to make the holes larger in order to hold each of the cones.

To do this, simply use a marker or highlighter to make wider grooves in each of your evenly spaced holes.

Remember, you'll want the holes to be about a half inch diameter for the cones to sit securely.
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Next, place the Styrofoam on top of your sheet of paper.

Center and trace around the Styrofoam and mark the cone holes.

Remove the Styrofoam and cut a small "X" where you've marked the holes.
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Now it's time to wrap!

Gently wrap the Styrofoam with your decorative paper and secure with tape, as if it's a present.

Make sure all the holes line up!

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Now, place all your cones into the slots, lined up all nice and neat!

If you're concerned about your stand moving or tipping over, feel free to secure the stand to the table with tape. You'll want to do this if you're using heavier treats such as M&Ms in your cones.
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Now for the fun part!

Fill each cone with your favorite treats such as popcorn, jelly beans, or homemade cotton candy. You can mix and match, or keep things uniform.

These are great to either offer to guests during the party, or as a fun party gift they can take home.

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